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Book Marketing Tip: Apply for Awards

For midwesterners – I’d also recommend the¬†Midwest Book Award. I agree with Maria – My first book won an IPPY Award (independent Publishers) and my last book was a finalist for a Midwest Book Award. Both organizations have stickers (electronic and paper) you can purchase to put on your books. I find I have gotten more traction from award books from individuals than organizations like bookstores or libraries but then I don’t know who has taken a second look but didn’t decide to pick up my book, and I consider second looks a good thing too! ūüôā

And remember Рmost (if not all) awards can only be entered for the book published the previous year e.g., 2016 award for a 2015 published book. Application dates will vary depending on the award so check them out in the fall of the year you published your book.  You may have until the spring to enter but you may not.

Source: Book Marketing Tip: Apply for Awards – She Writes

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5 Things Every Author Should Know

stack460Brooke Warner of She Writes has some good points, though I don’t agree wholeheartedly with her first point – Your first book won’t make you any money. No one knows that. It will definitely take a lot of¬†work for your first book to make money, but it can be done. No – you can’t quit your day job, but that doesn’t’ mean a very good story, well edited, with a good cover and good reviews, can’t do very well. It happens all the time.

Does it help to write more good books and get more good reviews? Of course, but I say, never say never for anything!

Read Brooke’s post for more things to contemplate.

 Things I Wish Every Author Knew РShe Writes.

What is an Author’s Platform, Really?

SheWrites guru Brooke Warner has another wonderful post pointing out what an author’s platform really is (and isn’t – aka not just social media presence/following).

Thanks Brooke for another insightful post!

Your Author Platform Is Not Your Social Media Following – She Writes.

I vs. Me

Maria on Shewrites, give us a little grammer lesson. The tip at the end is the best way to figure this out, rather than trying to remember subject pronoun and object pronoun, though I always appreciate when I can learn why I’m supposed to do something a certain way, rather than, just because.

I vs. Me – She Writes.

Are There Still Pros to Traditional Publishing?

from rahulbemba.blogspot.com

from rahulbemba.blogspot.com

For those who aren’t sure if they want to do self-publishing, Brook Warner of Shewrites gives us some reasons why you may want to go in that direction when thinking of publishing.

It’s really a matter of your goals, your time, and your money.

As I’ve said before, I encourage anyone who asks¬†me about traditional publishing to do self-publishing while they are trying to pitch their story to an agent or publisher. It can only help if your story does well in the self-publishing realm, and the only thing you are going to do different when you self-publish (ebooks to start) is create a cover.

Either option will cause you hire an editor (and if you are serious about making your book a commercial success, I’d encourage you to find a professional.)

And to put an ebook on say, Amazon or Smashwords, you can do that using a properly formatted word doc. Smashwords has a free guide to help you through that process, and if you want to hire someone to do that for you, it’s probably only $100+ or – depending on the size and complexity of your book design.

Are There Still Pros to Traditional Publishing? – She Writes.