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5 Things Every Author Should Know

stack460Brooke Warner of She Writes has some good points, though I don’t agree wholeheartedly with her first point – Your first book won’t make you any money. No one knows that. It will definitely take a lot of work for your first book to make money, but it can be done. No – you can’t quit your day job, but that doesn’t’ mean a very good story, well edited, with a good cover and good reviews, can’t do very well. It happens all the time.

Does it help to write more good books and get more good reviews? Of course, but I say, never say never for anything!

Read Brooke’s post for more things to contemplate.

 Things I Wish Every Author Knew – She Writes.

What is an Author’s Platform, Really?

SheWrites guru Brooke Warner has another wonderful post pointing out what an author’s platform really is (and isn’t – aka not just social media presence/following).

Thanks Brooke for another insightful post!

Your Author Platform Is Not Your Social Media Following – She Writes.

The Power of Free on Amazon | Warner Coaching

Here is a wonderful post with step by step directions on how to run a promotion. Very helpful information from Brooke Warner at Warnercoaching.com.

The Power of Free on Amazon | Warner Coaching.