Paper Book Publishing

Option 1: I do everything

– Substance editing

– Copy Editing

– Proofing final version

– find and work with a book cover illustrator

– design and format the book for the printer

– get you a PCIP – Publisher’s Cataloging-in-Publication (not required – this is what you might see on the copyright page of a book that helps library’s catalog your book for easier reference), or LCCN – Libary of Congress Number, needed if you plan on selling many books and you want a copy in the Library of Congress

– obtain a bar code (also not required but recommended if  you want to sell your book in stores),

– obtain an ISBN – this is the number on the back of the book that everyone who is going to sell or list your book uses to find your book. You need it if you’re planning on selling your book to others besides family and friends.

– put your book on the Books In Print list (it’s a place that retailers, libraries, wholesalers, distributors in the book industry go to find books)

– write the back blurb

– write a press release (optional – used to send to papers/magazines… anyone you want to do a story about your book)

– work with a printer and illustrator to get your book to you just how you want it (size, paper color/weight, cover -soft or hard, matte/gloss, number of copies…)

– work with you on some preliminary marketing strategies (optional)

Option 2: You do it all and I tell you how ($50/hour)

Option 3: A combination of options 1 and 2

Ask for an estimate – all services will be less expensive depending on bundling.

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