I first worked with Christine when I was writing a memoir with my sister. I attended a presentation she gave on self-publishing at my local library, and was impressed with her knowledge of the process. For “Abbey Girls,” Christine helped us with print design and formatting, as well as finding a high-quality printer who could faithfully reproduce a number of black and white photographs.

Within a year I came back to Christine with an early draft of a novel, “A Measured Thread.” I look back on the three years of working on the novel with her as the equivalent of taking a Master Class in Writing. She encouraged me to go deeper into my story, and helped me to transform it from a simple meal into a satisfying feast. The novel won two awards.

Earlier this year I delivered a collection of twelve short stories. With Christine’s considerable insight and help, these have now been published as “Kernels.”

Throughout each of these three journeys in writing and publishing, Christine has been a consummate professional. With endless patience, she responded to e-mails quickly, returned drafts promptly, met with me as often as I wished, and gave me encouragement when needed. In so many ways she has become a partner in this writing enterprise. I look forward to working with her for many more years to come and feel incredibly fortunate to be one of her clients.

Mary Behan

Kernels: stories by [Mary Behan]Kernels, 2021 (copyedit, print and ebook design and formatting, cover design, publishing)

A Measured Thread by [Mary Behan]A Measured Thread, 2019 (developmental editing, print and ebook design and formatting, cover design, publishing)

Abbey Girls by [Behan, Mary, Behan, Valerie]Abbey Girls, 2018 (print design and formatting)


Christine proved to be a consummate professional when tasked with guiding my book, DETOURS, from the initial editing to the finished product. I appreciated her patience on all fronts — especially with someone who has a significant lack of savvy when it comes to complex computer skills. I also appreciated her constant readiness to assist with major refinements and minor tweaks, and giving each her undivided attention.
Christine offers the important dual assets of being very easy to work with and being highly knowledgeable about book publishing. It was a pleasure to work with her, and I would not hesitate to highly recommend Christine’s services.

Detours-eBook-Front-Cover-72-dpi-01Cynthia Dennis, Detours: Twelve Stories (short stories)
2019 (Editing, proofing, print and ebook design and formatting, cover assistance, publishing)


This is the second book I have published with Christine Keleny at CK Books Publishing. I recommend her highly. I find her to be professional, timely in her work, incredibly knowledgeable about what needs to be done, and a joy to work with. If you are looking for someone to publish a book you have authored, look no more. Simply get in touch with Christine and do what needs to be done.

Christine is a font of ideas, suggestions, and experience. At the same time, she leaves the decisions to be made up to the author. The book will be yours and reflect who you are but will be all the better for having listened to and worked with her. From interior style to proof reading, a cover that will attract readers to the book’s various formats (hardcover, softcover, eBook) Christine knows all the details and will save you many a headache. All of this at a fee I found most affordable.

I cannot imagine working with someone who could have done a better job than CK Books Publishing. As a retired academic I have worked with many an editor and publisher. Christine tops then all.

Baron Perlman, The Collector’s World: More Musing Collecting and American Antiques, 2021 (editing assistance, print and ebook design and formatting, cover design, publishing)


I had contacted and spoken with several representatives of other companies and individuals in the self-publishing industry, making no decision on who to work with, and somewhat at a loss on how to proceed. You came recommended to me and I can see why. Your expertise and professionalism were par excellence. You laid out in a clear manner what was expected from me as an author and what responsibilities you would undertake. Your fee was most reasonable and you went beyond what I expected on many occasions. You were patient when I was uninformed, you offered your opinions based on your extensive experience when asked. You set reasonable deadlines for me, educating me on what had to be done from my end to get the book published in a timely manner. Who knew the multitude of details an author has to navigate? You did. We worked through setting book prices. The book layout is superb. I have received many compliments on its cover. You walked me through the process of publishing a hard cover, soft cover and electronic version. From quality of color photographs to the weight of paper, the goal was always a professional, polished, and pleasing book to hold and read.

I respected your high standards on what a good book looks like. For example, I and a close friend both of whom have proof read in the past did so with my manuscript. You pointed to areas of concern, sought clarity good writing, insisted a third party also proof read the manuscript, and the result is a book with better and more approachable language, more clarity, and fewer (I cannot say none, can I?) errors.

As an “old dog” I love books and you assisted in making mine one that makes me smile. I am most grateful. I wish you only the best in the future. I would recommend you without hesitation and with a glowing endorsement to anyone who seeks to publish a book.  – Barry Perlman

CCWM ecover sm_edited-1Baron Perlman, Come Collect With Me: Musings on Collecting and American Antiques 
2018-19 (print and ebook design and formatting, cover design, publishing, editing assistance)


After interviewing several editors who did not light a fire, I found Christine. Her maturity and previous experience seemed a good fit. I was not disappointed. Starting with a massive manuscript near 200k words, she showed me how to make this two books. Many re-writes and thousands of edits later, the first book “The Faithful Sextant” came together. I asked her if she would help with design, and then she really began to sparkle. When set into a row of books, the cover she designed leaps out at the reader. We had disagreements, but with much professionalism and patience, our partnership crafted my memoir into a story, not just a recital of my life events. My book is set in the often crude world of merchant sailors and wartime soldiers, leading to a story much more earthy than Christine’s more polished and lady like books. But, she easily adapted to my maritime lingo and wartime language, and helped me stay on track with the story line. She is a pro with a broad toolbox of skills to help any author.
I plan to ask for her help in producing my second book, “The Faithful Clay.”

TFS frontl cover - 978-0-9832984-4-1 smCaptain Robert Devereux McEliece USN (ret), The Faithful Sextant (memoir)
2016-2017 (Developmental edit, formatting, cover design, publishing)


From the outset–even in our initial contact … Christine approached my project as a collaborator, but she has turned out to be much more than that. She has been a skillful designer (which is why I turned to her in the first place), an advisor, a mentor, a counselor. Now she is my editor and publisher, and she has done it all with industry, timeliness, imagination, and (those several times I needed it) with frankness. It’s safe to say my novel Currencies of August would not be coming to market this September without her–in six short months. (5 stars)

cover samples.inddDonald R. Anderson, Currencies of August,
August, 2016 (proof, ebook and print formatting, publishing)


Christine did an amazing job for me as a developmental editor, copy editing, cover design, formatting. She was very responsive and timely and helped me through all phases of bringing Forbidden Birth to market. I highly recommend Christine; I don’t know how I would have done it without her! (5 stars)

FB smaller front cover RGBPhil Calendra, Forbidden Birth
July 2016, (developmental edit, formatting, cover design, consulting)
2017 Forbidden Beginnings (copyediting)
2018 Fobidden Cure (copyediting, cover design, ebook and print
design and formatting)
2018-19 Michelle’s Captivity (copyediting, ebook and print design
and formatting)


My maternal Grandfather served in WWI and in the mid 1930s he wrote his memoir of his military service. The manuscript was single space type and there were also hand drawn diagrams to explain warfare. his dream was to publish it, but it didn’t happen. Eighty years later in February 2015 I remembered his “book” and decided to publish it to fulfill his dream. However, i didn’t know where to start. In June 2014 I had attended a two night seminar on book publishing at the Dwight Foster Public Library in Fort Atkinson, WI led by Christine Keleny. I emailed Christine with many questions and hired her, as she was willing to type the old manuscript to prepare it for modern publishing standards etc. and two months later we had a book on Amazon. Christine was a delight to work with and answered my many emails promptly, a huge plus in my assessment. Professionalism, kindness, interest in the memoir, attention to detail. I highly recommend her.

twisted years front cover - ebook

Twisted Years, A Memoir of an American Soldier in WWI, Ellen Bogner   May 2015 (print book interior and cover design, ebook formatting, publishing)


I really enjoyed working with Christine! She was very professional and always responded quickly to any questions I had. She gave me good reasons for the changes she made and great tips to help me hone my writing skills.

Diane Anthony, Supernova,
January 2015 (editing – copy and developmental)


Lorna Lee

Lorna Lee

“Christine is one of those rare gems a writer is lucky to find at any point in the writing/self-publishing process. She is the consummate professional: she delivers on her promises without fail, keeps in touch throughout the entire process, and she’s talented at what she does. In addition, Christine is a simply a nice person. I felt an immediate rapport with Christine making it easy for me to ask questions and feel less stressed about my manuscript issues.

I hired Christine to fix formatting issues for my self-published memoir. She quoted me a very fair fair price and was relentless in her efforts to fix my manuscript, which was peppered with hidden characters. When the book finally uploaded, I don’t know which of us was more excited. That is the type of person Christine is–she cares deeply about her work and her “people.”

While she was pouring over my manuscript, she noticed several errors and areas that needed some editing. Even though I did not hire to edit the manuscript, she sent me several pages of extensive and valuable notes. I made the corrections and my book is all the better for her keen editorial eye.

Christine is also an accomplished writer. “Living in the House of Drugs” is a book I read and reviewed. She gave her time and talent to a man who desperately wanted his life story told to the world, but who had no skills to write it or resources to have it published. Despite her generosity, he did not make it easy for her. But she persevered and wrote an honest, gritty account of his life story, preserving his unique voice. I admire her for this uniquely crafted book.

Put your manuscript in her capable hands and you won’t be sorry! I wasn’t. And I’m sure I will be equally pleased when she gets my second book to edit.”

Lorna Lee (2013  ebook formatting)Lorna Lee book-cover

Author of “How Was I Supposed to Know – The Adventures of a Girls Who’s Name Means Lost”
Blog: Lorna’s Voice


Working with Christine was a great idea. She\’s efficient and thorough. She edited my children\’s nutrition illustration book and also provided insight on story flow and appendix materials. I would hire her again in a heartbeat.

Anita Mirchandani – The Enchanted Garden of Color – An Illustrated Nutrition Story
April, 2014 (copy editing)


I want to thank Christine Keleny of CK Books Publishing for helping in making the dream come true of my daughter Riyasha Dey Majumdar, who wrote the book “Chrystal the Dolphin”. She went above and beyond to work with every minute detail.

It is very challenging to work with a kid as they have no idea how to get a book out in the market. She has not only been a guide to her but has contributed in so many ways that we cannot measure any way in terms of money. She has extended her support just like her own daughter. Christine has a wealth of knowledge when it comes to book publishing. She has been instrumental in Editing, creating the book skeleton, researching the book size, getting quote from the printers, contacting with the printers, went back and forth with us as well as printer for countless number times. Many times, she has even motivated me and followed up to make sure I am still on track. Her skills are way beyond I can write in words. She has spent all the time to make it the best possible product that one can expect.

Christine is very proactive and has been so responsive that we never had to wait more than an hour to get response from her. We never talked over the phone as she has always explained things in such a nice way. She has all the resources that you need to get a book published. It has made a great impact on Riyasha who has decided to dedicate her next book to Christine.

I am still not sure if I can justify her time and effort and honest opinion that she has provided all this time, but I cannot think of working with anybody else. I will highly, highly recommend her and hope, if you are reading this, you will give her a chance and work with her at least once to experience your satisfaction. Christine has now become a part of our family with such a touching moment that cannot be forgotten ever. Hope you get chance to read the book “Crystal the Dolphin” to see their work or download it on your Kindle Device. Christine Thank you again and we wish you all the success in life.

Joyjeet Dey Majumdar for design and publishing services for their daughter’s book, Crystal the Dolphin (February, 2014) – editing, book design, publishing)

front cover 4a


Christine was given me great input and will do further businesses with her. She has replied in a timely manner and willing to answer questions. I would recommend her to any writer.

Julio Rivera
(2012, Author working on a fantasy fiction novel – developmental editing)


I initially contacted Christine to ask for her rates and an estimate to proofread my debut historical novel, MURPHY’S TROUBLES.  She asked me to send her the first chapter so that she could provide an accurate fee.  I had contacted other copyeditors and they either refused to review a chapter or asked for a separate fee to review the first chapter.

Christine provided an estimate for proofreading services within two days.  At the same time she suggested that my manuscript could be improved with copyediting services.  In her proposal on proofreading she provided several examples of copyediting recommendations to polish my manuscript.  Her website provides excellent definitions of the services she provides www.ckbookspublishing.com.  I asked Christine for an estimate for both services and a timeline.  She provided an estimate within a day and said she could complete my manuscript in two weeks.  Every other copyeditor I contacted required four to eight weeks to get the job done.

My manuscript was in book format, which made it difficult to work with.  Christine volunteered to re-format my manuscript into 8 ½ x 11, at no charge.  She also asked if I wanted her editing on hard copy or electronically.  I wanted hard copy.  When finished, she returned my manuscript in Express Mail and I had it back in less than two weeks.

Christine provided two pages of itemized copyediting comments, further copyediting notes in the body of the manuscript and detailed line editing and proofreading.  She also encouraged me to ask questions and we have had a lively e-mail “dialogue” as I continue to prepare my manuscript for publication later this year.

Christine is professional, fast, and charges reasonable fees.  Most important, she’s an author’s partner to create the highest quality publication-ready manuscript possible.

Rex A. Owens
September 5, 2013 (copy editing)
Murphy's Troubles: A Novel (The Irish Troubles Series Book 1) by [Rex Owens]  Murphy’s Troubles (Book I in the Irish Troubles Series)

Out of Darkness: A Novel (The Irish Troubles Series Book 2) by [Rex Owens]Out of Darkness (2015  editing, cover creation, and publishing Book II in his Irish Troubles Series.)

Dead Reckoning: A Novel (The Irish Troubles Series Book 3) by [Rex Owens]

Dead Reckoning

2021 Republished Rex’s Irish Trouble Series

The Life and Times of Rowan Daly by [Rex  Owens]

The Life and Times of Rowan Daley (developmental edit, cover design, print and ebook design and formatting, proofing, publishing)

Book: Financial Solutions

Christine’s edits were great. She picked up on things that I needed to change or add to add clarity to my book, and since it is a book on financial planning, clarity is very important. I would recommend Christine’s editing skills and plan to use her for my next book.

Michael Dallas
2014 (copy editing)
(Michael’s book will be available for free download on his website: Michaeldallas.com)


Christine. You were not only a faithful editor—proving you command a pen that (or is it ‘which’—I still don’t quite get it) is truly mightier than the sword—but also a necessary floatation device and guide for a guy drowning in digital details.

Kenny Bodanis, (2013 – copy editing)
Men Get Pregnant, Too

men get pregnant

Writing and Publishing Workshop Testimonials

Christine is an excellent presenter. She is knowledgeable and explains the subject matter well.
– Rachel

Approchable and offers solid and tangible advice.
– K.H.

Christine has an easy style for presenting writing tips and answering questions. Workshop time doesn’t feel rushed, allows time to develop questions and thoughts.
– Kath Kramer

Christine has a wonderful sense of calm about writing and publishing that she shares in her workshops
– Tracey

Christine was a patient, informative, encouraging leader. I was inspired.
– M.D.

Christine gave me the confidence I can do this thing – get my book published…
– Marion Stuenkel


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  1. It seems to me that Christine is just amazing and I’m going to try her. I have many things in the works and this may be a very good start.

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