If you have a story in your head, but are having trouble getting it on paper (or more accurately – on your computer), I can help you with any aspect of your writing.

Ghost writing would be the most comprehensive type of writing. This type of writing would be you telling me what kind of story you want and me doing all the writing. It would be a very collaborative effort – creating a basic book outline, meeting/talking/emailing often initially to share your story then once I’ve started writing to see what I have done and to make sure it is what you are looking for.

Other writing assistance would be anything less than that. It could be a simple as helping you get your ideas down, getting you started, or making suggestions to make improvements in things you have already written. This might be called consulting.

Fees: The degree to which you would like help will determine how much this service would cost, but basically, the more writing I do, the less it would cost you. My base consulting fee is $45/hour.

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