Publishing Services:

(For multiple services used – the pricing will be discounted)

  • Developmental or Substance editing – evaluation of overall flow and voice, plot, punctuation and grammar ($40/hour – ask for a free estimate for your specific story).
  • Copy or line editing detailed evaluation of grammar, spelling, punctuation, looking at transitions, parallelism, ensure consistency with style, word usage… I will make note of overall flow, plot and voice but that is not the main focus for this type of edit (for fiction following the Chicago Style manual, for non-fiction following the AP Style manual) ($38/hour  – ask for a free estimate for your specific story)
  • Proofing – the last edit before it goes to publication (ebook or paper) ($2.50/formatted page – with approximately 250 words/page)
  • Ghost writing or book coaching – I can write as little or as much as you like of your story or help you get your story where it needs to be. (negotiable depending on how much writing you want done)
  • Ebook formatting – for Smashwords (which will make it available at Barnes and Noble, ibookstore, Kobo, Sony, and Diesel readers, and 2 Library channels) and/or Kindle ($40/hour – for a 200 page book this might take 2-3 hours depending on the amount of special formatting involved and the number of chapters)
  • Paper book formatting – includes design and set up to make your book printer ready including addition of any illustrations. ($3/formatted page for a novel, $6/page for an illustrated book such as a children’s book or photography book)
  • Book Publishing – Can be ebook or paper bound book using the printer(s) of your choosing (see Book Publishing tab for details)
  • Cover Design – I can create covers from your art or image, but if you need a cover created from scratch, then I have a list of artists and illustrators that I have worked with that will get you just what you need – an eye-catching cover! (cost depends on what kind of help you need, could be $200 – $700+.)


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