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Have you thought of putting together a video of your book?

It’s a creative way to advertise the story you want to share. It’s something I have yet to try, but with my new book: Chakra Magic (a fun grade school book about chakras), I’m probably going to give it a try, with a bit of help from my college-age daughter, who knows a lot more about Youtube than her mother, even though she is an engineer. (Just graduated as a biomedical engineer, I’m happy to say! Now onto grad school 🙂 )  I’ll need a bit of upbeat music so this list will come in handy. I thought it might come in handy to you too – if not now, maybe in the near future?!

Paul Carr has put together a very long list of 52 places to find music for your video.

Thanks Paul!



Are You Ready to Drop Italics For Foreign Words in Fiction? 

 I came across this post and thought it was interesting. I understand the argument – italicizing makes foreign words stand out and is not how we speak – but I think it will take a while for the slow-moving literary world to come around to this thinking.

I think it would be fine to drop the italics, especially if the foreign words are used throughout the text. The reader will figure it out.

What do you think?


The practice can sound unnatural, and reinforces a monolinguistic culture of othering…

Source: When to use italics with foreign words in fiction — Quartzy
by Thu-Huong Ha

Why Authors Should Not Use Social Media 

Menna Azzollini wrote this post about why authors shouldn’t use social media. I agree with some of the things she is saying. I don’t think social media is the greatest place to sell books, but I think it’s a good place to make connections to readers and writers and a place authors can support each other. Yes, you putting yourself out there might not get a lot of attention, but if you are supporting other authors and they are supporting you, then your reach gets a little wider 🙂

I also agree that it’s not good to spend too much time on social media. I set up my website posts to go to FB, Lk’d-in, and twitter so one thing I do goes to 4 places! I “like” and post other author’s posts to twitter and facebook, which doesn’t take much time, either.

I do like her list of other marketing options.

What do you think about social media for authors?

Source: Why Authors Should Not Use Social Media | TCK Publishing

Fast Track Guide To Fixing Your Book Description

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Laurence O’Brien of BooksGoSocial reminds us how to create good book description copy – one of the key elements to book marketing.


Step One: Watch this short 1 minute 21 seconds video.   Step Two:   Use strong active verbs instead of passive ones. If you’re describing a romance novel, for example, use words like: hot, steamy, spicy, scorching, passionate, burning. Use of…

Source: Fast Track Guide To Fixing Your Book Description | BooksGoSocial Resources

Book Awards (and Reviews!) – Readers’ Favorite

Readers Favorite - Book Reviews and Award Contest

There is still time to enter the 2018
Readers’ Favorite Book Award Contest

Only 3 days left to enter your book – FINAL DEADLINE
Enter your manuscript, published or unpublished book, eBook, audiobook, comic book, poetry book or short story. We offer 4 award levels in each of our 140+ categories, allowing you to only compete against books in your particular genre for a more fair and accurate contest, giving you the greatest chance of becoming an award-winning author!


  • Chance to win one of $50,000 in free prizes just for entering.
  • Chance to have your book made into a movie or TV show.
  • Chance to be published by an award winning traditional publisher.
  • Chance to be represented by a leading author marketing and PR firm.
  • Chance to be represented by a leading literary management company.
  • More features including a book review, award ceremony, and publicity.

When you enter, you automatically get a free review that they post for you on facebook, twitter, google+, Barnes & Nobel, Instagram and Pinterest. They also ask the reviewer to put it on their personal Goodreads account (if they have an account there) and you are able to put excerpts on your Amazon author central page (Amazon won’t let them post a review).

I entered my second Agnes Kelly Series book “Narrow Escape in Norway” this year and already received a 5 Star review! I won’t know if I’ve won anything until September.

“…This story is for all those readers who enjoy suspense, mystery, and adventure. I like the way the author creates secrecy and intrigue around the disappearance of Agnes’ father and pulls readers in to learn what exactly has happened to him. The fluidity in writing gives a good pace and movement to the story and the adventure, suspense, and laughs make the book fascinating to young readers. There is a sense of excitement and curiosity that builds up while trying to find out about Agnes’ father, which will keep readers glued to the book till the very last page. I am sure that, like me, young readers will be waiting for the next book.”

                                                                                     ~  Mamta Madhavan

Send Your Work-in-Progress to Your Kindle

Yari is making a great point – looking at your manuscript (ms) in a different format and even on a different device can help you spot things you may want to change and things you have to change like errors. I like viewing my ms as a pdf on my tablet. Even going from computer screen to tablet, I notice different things. And I always recommend to my clients to print out their ms and read it that way as well (one of the last edits I do). I also read out loud. Another very helpful editing tool.
Thanks Yari!


If you’re a new writer, like me, you are probably your own editor when it comes to your first draft.

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6 Top Tips for SEO on Amazon 

This is a post on ALLi  (Alliance of Independent Authors) by Jyolsna Ramacham dran that every author should read. It’s is a step-by-step process of how to pick your best key words on Amazon using Google keyword planner and Amazon’s search engine and how to use those words in your title, subtitle and description (or “About” section on Amazon). Plus she gives you a few “ideas on sales conversion.

Great post, Jyolsna!


“Here’s a handy checklist of pointers to help you optimise your book’s visibility on Amazon – make sure you’re not missing out on any of these valuable tips to help you make your book more discoverable and to sell more books!”…

Source: 6 Top Tips for SEO on Amazon | Alliance of Independent Authors: Self-Publishing Advice Center

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