The Biggest Mistake Even Expert Writers Make 

Great reminder from Ken Brosky. (What’s with the image, you may ask? Visualize it as all the hoops your protagonist has to jump through.)


Your audience won’t remember the chapter where your hero took a breather. What’s memorable are the forces of antagonism, and how your hero reacted.

Source link: The Biggest Mistake Even Expert Writers Make | Jane Friedman

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Writers’ Forum 2022 – December | Valerie Biel

Happy New Year 2023 with Fireworks Clip Art Free PNG Image|Illustoon

Great end-of-the-year information for authors from Valerie Biel! Take a look.

And may the good outweigh the bad in 2023!


2023 Literary Calendar Estate Planning for Authors The Making of a Six-Figure Author The Best Books of 2022 FEATURED ARTICLES 2023 Literary Calendar from Sandra Beckwith I love these calendars that give us all kinds of fun bookish things to celebrate. Take a look and choose which mesh well with the content you create to help you plan your social media posts for the coming year.

Source: Writers’ Forum 2022 – December | Valerie Biel

How To Write Compelling Dialogue

Getting dialogue right is not as easy as it appears.
Here are some good tips!

Writing about...Writing

Your characters do interact, don’t they? But how compelling is their dialogue? Does it sound real?

Jerry B. Jenkins has the experience of writing more than 200 novels and he shares some of that experience with us.

I recommend watching this video as it is full of wisdom.

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How To Leverage the Power of a Strong Title in Your Writing 

Titles are always something I struggle with and are usually the last thing I figure out when writing a story.

I the attached link, Audrey Wick gives some good information when thinking about your title.


Finding the right title for your story is more of a process than you might think. Here, Audrey Wick shares how to leverage the power of a strong title in your writing.

Source: How To Leverage the Power of a Strong Title in Your Writing – Writer’s Digest

On NaNoWriMo, Inkitt, and Being An Author

If you want to publish, (and especially if you’ve participated in #NaNoWriMo), please read this!


On Writing

I sequestered myself for the month of November and wrote the first 50k words of Hostis Humani Generis, the decopunk anarchist lesbian pirate farmer novel. So. Huzzah for me.

Unfortunately, it will probably be my last NaNoWriMo.

I’m going to finish the book! And using the same method, as well. But not using the NaNoWriMo website or hashtags, and maybe in a month with fewer holidays in it.

And now we’re going to talk about why.

On NaNoWriMo

I have been participating in National Novel Writing Month since 2015. And winning. And publishing. I used to donate every year and get that little halo over my profile photo.

I believe in NaNo as a project. I don’t actually believe, as they often say, that anyone can write a book. I think you need to read a lot and write a lot and think a lot, and on top…

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MidJourney AI art for book cover design (how is this legal?) 

The image above was designed by a computer program.

I don’t know about you, but I was not aware AI art software like this even existed. If I were an illustrator or graphic designer, I’d be a bit nervous. Since I’m currently talking with a potential client that is looking for an illustrator for her mother’s children’s book, I immediately thought of AI artwork for children’s books.

Derek Murphy, in his post (link below) talks about it, how to use it the software he’s using (and there has to more than one, doesn’t there?) and some legal things to think about. It’s a whole new world for book art, my friends!


*Scroll all the way down for much better images since the last midjourney update.* Update: I just spoke about AI art with Joanna Penn, you can listen to the podcast HERE. Today I’m playing with midjourney for character and book cover design. You’ve probably seen people posting these to Facebook: what you get is extremely […]

Source: MidJourney AI art for book cover design (how is this legal?) – Creativindie


I don’t know about you but I’ve completely ignored Amazon’s Vella. I just didn’t need another thing to do in my writer/publishing life. After I read this post by Les Farley, I may put it on my “look into more seriously” list.


The life of a writer can be a lonely one. You’re wrapped up and caught in a world of your own which you intend to reveal to others. The time it takes to


Long-term IP Management – Kristine Kathryn Rusch

This is kind of a long post, but if you stick with it (or skip) toward the end, Kristine gives writers something serious to think about – the value of you work in the future – your IP, your intellectual property.

Being 60 something, my husband and I redid our wills recently, and I made sure I willed my books/IP to my kids. It may not be worth much but then again, it might. One never knows.


In writing about the Las Vegas Licensing Expo, held in May, I spent a lot of time discussing how writers should think about their intellectual property. In short, writers should consider their IP a…

Source: Business Musings: Long-term IP Management – Kristine Kathryn Rusch


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Writing a Memoir? Read This First

Some key information for people thinking of writing their memoir and trying to figure out if they want to sell it to a publisher or to indie publish.


Memoirs are designed to share your experiences with the world. However, this makes them incredibly hard to market if you aren’t a celebrity, influencer, or…

Source: Writing a Memoir? Read This First


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Getting To Know Your Characters

Michele Regnold’s posts talks about about getting to know your characters by interviewing them. This is definitely a worthwhile exercise. If you want to read a book on the subject, I enjoyed Taking Your Characters to Dinner by Laurel A. Yourke.

Here is another idea from Tracy Helixon:


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