Long-term IP Management – Kristine Kathryn Rusch

This is kind of a long post, but if you stick with it (or skip) toward the end, Kristine gives writers something serious to think about – the value of you work in the future – your IP, your intellectual property.

Being 60 something, my husband and I redid our wills recently, and I made sure I willed my books/IP to my kids. It may not be worth much but then again, it might. One never knows.


In writing about the Las Vegas Licensing Expo, held in May, I spent a lot of time discussing how writers should think about their intellectual property. In short, writers should consider their IP a…

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Writing a Memoir? Read This First

Some key information for people thinking of writing their memoir and trying to figure out if they want to sell it to a publisher or to indie publish.


Memoirs are designed to share your experiences with the world. However, this makes them incredibly hard to market if you aren’t a celebrity, influencer, or…

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Getting To Know Your Characters

Michele Regnold’s posts talks about about getting to know your characters by interviewing them. This is definitely a worthwhile exercise. If you want to read a book on the subject, I enjoyed Taking Your Characters to Dinner by Laurel A. Yourke.

Here is another idea from Tracy Helixon: https://www.mvwg.org/blog/getting-to-know-your-characters-through-monologue


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The right way to save your book’s Amazon sales page link 

I do this automatically but realized when I saw this post, that all authors might not know this important information. Sandra Beckwith shares a video on just how to do this. The same goes for other book seller websites (B&N for example). Always check the link you copy to make sure it works like you want it to.

Happy book sharing!


Are you saving your book’s Amazon sales page link the wrong way? Most authors are. Learn how to save yourself headaches by doing it the right way.

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Christine Keleny

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The Truth That Authors Need To Hear – by Brian Feinblum…

If you are in the mood for a kick in the pants (and most of us need this on occasion – bless you if you don’t), read this post by Brian Feinblum.

Chris The Story Reading Ape's Blog

on Book Marketing Buzz:

For over the past three decades, I have had the privilege to work in book publishing and marketing. Having worked with thousands of authors and spoken to multiples of that, I have heard many complaints by authors about being an author.   

Can anything be done to help them?

Are the complaints legitimate — or are they just the whines of ignorance, laziness, jealousy, incompetence, and a lousy attitude?

Authors can certainly be the victims of bad luck, lousy publicists, poor timing, tough competition, a crappy publisher, or a change in the marketplace. But most often, they sabotage themselves or they fail to overcome challenges and setbacks.

Authors, it is time for Brooklyn Boot Camp.

I was born and raised in a time and place that has forever shaped me and informed me of how the world works. I grew up in gritty 1970s and 80s…

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7 Surprising Perks of Recommending Books on BookBub

Full disclosure here. I am not on BookBub. I probably should be, and this article may push me closer in that direction (like many authors, marketing is not something I particularly enjoy doing – other than in person). But for those of you who are, this is a good post about ways to boost your exposure and help your fellow authors at the same time. A win win! When we support each other, we support ourselves too 🙂


Check out all the ways you can increase visibility for your author brand (and boost other authors!) on BookBub.com by recommending books.

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The 6 Challenges of Writing a Second Novel 

When we think too much about our writing, sometimes it can stall our progress. K. M. Weiland discusses some of the things that can hinder writers. The nice thing is, she also gives us some ideas around this.

Though with item #6 in the making writing easier list, I’m not sure focusing on what you’ve learned from book #2 is quite right. I would say acknowledge what you’ve learned (you’ve learned a lot writing that first book), but then forget it. You really don’t need to consciously think about what you’ve learned while writing book 2. And I’d say it will hinder you to think about it. Just write with no expectations. There is nothing more damning for a creative project than letting expectations take hold.

As she says in item #1 – no one has to read this.

Also, what you’ve learned will creep into your writing all on it’s own. And the more you write, the more this will happen. And if it doesn’t, then you always have draft #2, #3, #4… to figure it out.

You can do this!


Writing a second novel can often be surprisingly harder than the first one. Check out six challenges sophomore writers often face.

Source: The 6 Challenges of Writing a Second Novel – Helping Writers Become Authors

The Value of Percolation for Writing

I totally agree with Jyotsna Sreenivasan about the time needed to let story ideas percolate. (Remember our parent’s old coffee pots – percolators – that had that little glass nob on the top that, as the coffee was brewing, it would spirt up into that little glass nob. It told the coffee drinker that their morning wake up was brewing.)

I’ve even heard a writer friend say she goes to bed purposefully asking a story question, looking for sleep to help answer the question. Some people like to take walks outside to let the great out there push out the cobwebs to let other ideas in.

I personally haven’t had sleep or walks help me much. I generally get ideas after I’ve read, listened to, or watched particularly good writing. It doesn’t have to be anything related to what I’m writing about, because all good writing resonates, and it will remind me of how to make my own writing resonate too.

But most any time away from the keyboard or writing pad will help your mind mull over your writing without you even having to think about it directly.


Setting an idea or draft aside for “percolation” allows the brain’s subconscious to arrive at insights while we’re busy with something else.

Source: The Value of Percolation | Jane Friedman

Writer Beware®: The Blog: Another Fake Agency Referral Scam: Harper Literary / Bantam Wings

Writer Beware tells us about another publisher/agent scam. Just so you know, no publisher or book agent will contact you looking to represent or publish your book. Never. If someone does contact you and they are even legit, I’d still run. If they need work, they probably aren’t very good.


Writer Beware shines a bright light into the dark corners of the shadow-world of scams, schemes, and pitfalls that prey on authors.

Source: Writer Beware®: The Blog: Another Fake Agency Referral Scam: Harper Literary / Bantam Wings

How to Use BookBub with a Limited Budget

Got this post from book guru Derek Doepker and is one every writer should read. BookBub is big in the book world. (Thank you, Derek.)


Check out these tips for using BookBub’s marketing tools and growing visibility on the platform without breaking the bank!

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