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Great end-of-the-year information for authors from Valerie Biel! Take a look.

And may the good outweigh the bad in 2023!


2023 Literary Calendar Estate Planning for Authors The Making of a Six-Figure Author The Best Books of 2022 FEATURED ARTICLES 2023 Literary Calendar from Sandra Beckwith I love these calendars that give us all kinds of fun bookish things to celebrate. Take a look and choose which mesh well with the content you create to help you plan your social media posts for the coming year.

Source: Writers’ Forum 2022 – December | Valerie Biel

How To Leverage the Power of a Strong Title in Your Writing 

Titles are always something I struggle with and are usually the last thing I figure out when writing a story.

I the attached link, Audrey Wick gives some good information when thinking about your title.


Finding the right title for your story is more of a process than you might think. Here, Audrey Wick shares how to leverage the power of a strong title in your writing.

Source: How To Leverage the Power of a Strong Title in Your Writing – Writer’s Digest


I don’t know about you but I’ve completely ignored Amazon’s Vella. I just didn’t need another thing to do in my writer/publishing life. After I read this post by Les Farley, I may put it on my “look into more seriously” list.


The life of a writer can be a lonely one. You’re wrapped up and caught in a world of your own which you intend to reveal to others. The time it takes to


The right way to save your book’s Amazon sales page link 

I do this automatically but realized when I saw this post, that all authors might not know this important information. Sandra Beckwith shares a video on just how to do this. The same goes for other book seller websites (B&N for example). Always check the link you copy to make sure it works like you want it to.

Happy book sharing!


Are you saving your book’s Amazon sales page link the wrong way? Most authors are. Learn how to save yourself headaches by doing it the right way.

Source: The right way to save your book’s Amazon sales page link – Build Book Buzz

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7 Surprising Perks of Recommending Books on BookBub

Full disclosure here. I am not on BookBub. I probably should be, and this article may push me closer in that direction (like many authors, marketing is not something I particularly enjoy doing – other than in person). But for those of you who are, this is a good post about ways to boost your exposure and help your fellow authors at the same time. A win win! When we support each other, we support ourselves too 🙂


Check out all the ways you can increase visibility for your author brand (and boost other authors!) on by recommending books.

Source: 7 Surprising Perks of Recommending Books on BookBub

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How To Get Your Self-Published Book Into Libraries

Here is an updated post by Joann Penn about getting your books into libraries. I understand the idea of contacting libraries via email, but I think this may only work if you have a review(s) by the mentioned sources: “these could include Kirkus, Library Journal, New York Times, Publisher’s Weekly, and School Library Journal, to name some. In my experience, it’s unlikely you’ll get much traction, if any, from Amazon, Goodreads, or similar reviews.”

This is key information.

When I published my first book (2007), not knowing any better, I emailed and sent letters to lots and lots of libraries in the Midwest. I heard mostly crickets. I didn’t have any reviews from any of those above mentioned sources. Though honestly, I’m not sure having a review from just one of those sources is  enough either.

I would suggest talking to libraries to hear how they choose their new titles.

And, of course, you can just ask you local library if they want to purchase your book. They may say yes.

And if you’re curious, for my books, I use amazon and ingramspark for print, amazon and smashwords for ebooks, and findaway voices and audible (acx – amazon) for my audio book.


Most independent authors want to support libraries by making our books available in multiple formats for library patrons to borrow, but how can you do that when they seem so hard to reach? Eric Otis Simmons shares his updated tips and resources in this article.

Source: How To Get Your Self-Published Book Into Libraries

How to Write An Author Bio 

I don’t remember ever reading anything about writing your author bio, so I clicked on this when I saw it. Sandra Beckwith give us some dos and don’ts.

There is also a link to another post about avoiding 4 bio mistakes.


“You know that you need an author bio for your book cover and online retail sales pages, but did you realize that you need one in your author press kit, too?…”

Source: How to write an author bio – Build Book Buzz

Book Title Tips – What’s in a Title?

I don’t remember ever reading a post about titling your book, other than reading that you can use the subtitle to help with SEO. This post focuses on science and sports titles, but the information can help with any genre.

Heather gives us information on researching titles and how to pick one wisely.


Title Talk A good title can do a lot of work for both the reader and the writer. Of course the title conveys the subject of the book but it has many more jobs to do. It conveys the tone of the book. It gives clues to the scope of the book. Most importantly, it must hook a reader. 

Source: STEM Tuesday – STEM in Sports – Writing Tips & Resources – From The Mixed Up Files

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Some Website Builders for Authors 

Thinking about setting up a website and not sure which company might be best to use?

This post by Alessandra Torre doesn’t go into any depth, but it gives you a bit of information about three of the most common companies.

I use wordpress for two of my websites: my personal one (free), and my work one (this one you’re on -$99/year, site ground for my domain name $15.95/year). I use wix for my books ($126/year for a 3 year contract, Hover for the domain name $15.17/year).

My wordpress accounts are not ones where I have to know code (, so they were fairly easy to set up. It takes a lot of time, but it’s fairly user friendly. There is also a different type of wordpress account you can have that takes more computer knowledge (self-hosting wordpress. I think that’s the type Alessandra is referring to). I know Jane Friedman has blogged on setting up a website, including a wordpress account, so if you want to learn more, go to her site.

I agree that wix is fairly easy to use but both wordpress (my type of account) and wix take a bit of computer knowledge, but neither requires coding. I don’t think the “just a few hours” comment Alessandra makes is quite accurate, but it won’t take you weeks, maybe days.

I am not a computer wiz by any means so I understand if you would prefer to have someone else do it for you. I highly recommend Valerie Biel at Lost Lake Press for setting up your website. She is an author as well, so she knows where we are coming from and what we need. I am also familiar with Joanne Sprott – Cosmic Whispers Design; she’s part of an editor group I am also a part of where she was recommended as a web designer (EFA – Editorial Freelance Association).


Your author website is the cornerstone of your brand and should highlight your books, yourself, and your newsletter signup. If you don’t have a website yet – don’t worry! There are several easy website builders that will allow a complete novice to build a site in just a few hours.

Source: Best Website Builders for Authors — Alessandra Torre Ink

5 Easy Steps to a Successful Media Appearance

The opportunity to talk on the radio, on a podcast or even on TV may not come up very often, but you want to be ready when that opportunity does arrive. A.G. Billig gives us 5 good items to consider.


Getting ready for a podcast, radio, TV, or summit appearance? Here’s how to make sure you have a successful media appearance.

Source: 5 easy steps to a successful media appearance – Build Book Buzz