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Book Marketing Tip: Apply for Awards

For midwesterners – I’d also recommend the Midwest Book Award. I agree with Maria – My first book won an IPPY Award (independent Publishers) and my last book was a finalist for a Midwest Book Award. Both organizations have stickers (electronic and paper) you can purchase to put on your books. I find I have gotten more traction from award books from individuals than organizations like bookstores or libraries but then I don’t know who has taken a second look but didn’t decide to pick up my book, and I consider second looks a good thing too! 🙂

And remember – most (if not all) awards can only be entered for the book published the previous year e.g., 2016 award for a 2015 published book. Application dates will vary depending on the award so check them out in the fall of the year you published your book.  You may have until the spring to enter but you may not.

Source: Book Marketing Tip: Apply for Awards – She Writes

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Book Marketing Is an Emotional Roller Coaster

4 rollercI thought I would share this post from Maria Murnane because it illustrates what anyone who is trying to market their work needs: a good sense of humor and persistence.

I have also set up events around my books that no one showed up for. It happens. But then there are events like what I did last evening at the WJ Niederdorn Library in Port Washington, WI and 20 people showed up and we had a nice time together talking about my book. I started out by talking about myself and my 4 other books I have in print (which I had on display, of course) and I ended up selling 5 books – only 2 were the book I was talking about! (So make sure you bring all of your books to any one-book event and business cards!)

And hang in there. Not everything you try is going to work but some things will and that’s what counts.

 CreateSpace Community: Resources: Book Marketing Is an Emotional Roller Coaster

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