Speaking Offerings

NG 2-16Christine enjoys sharing what she has learned in the writing and publishing world. She has done workshops and spoken to adults and children about writing and publishing and everything in between at libraries, writer’s conferences and schools.

Below are some options and she is able to work with you and your organization to tailor something that works for you.


  1. Writing and Publishing

-I talk about some the basics of writing a story (primarily fiction but can answer questions about non-fiction as well), some editing tips (common errors and “don’ts” to look out for), and how to publish (traditional or self-publish.)

-I give participants an extensive list of book and online resources related to all of these topics, including who/what organizations to be wary of.

-I’ve done this in 2 up to 4 sessions. If it were two session, I’d suggest 1.5 hours each session. I can do 3 or 4 – 1 hour sessions as well.

-No real limitation in number of participants for this.

**I have done this with adults and youth (grade school to high school).
**I can also speak just on writing or just publishing depending on your interest/need.


  1. Writing and Critique Workshop – Adult

-It would need to be a smaller group: 10 or less. We would meet 4 times.

-I would discuss a story arch, characterization, dialogue and would give specific examples of things people typically have trouble with or with specific issues the people that are participating in the class might have.

-I would include a 10 page critique of each participant’s writing and a short one-on-one session related to that critique at the end of the workshop.


 3. Writing Workshop – Youth

-Ten to fifteen participants max for this group

-The number of sessions is flexible but I would recommend at least 4 – 1’session or 2 – 2′ sessions. Frequency is also flexible.

-I would discuss a story arch, characterization, dialogue, editing and would give specific examples of things people typically have trouble with. The class can work on personal writing items or I can give them a writing project.

-I would produce an actual book from the writings from this class that would be put in the library. (If a participant wanted a book of their own, the cost of a book is typically around $10 – hard cover.)


4. Book Marketing Basics

-This would be a 1 time session, typically 1.5 hours. I would give information on the basics of book marketing.

(Cost for any of these workshops or visits depends on the situation and location. Contact Christine for specifics.)


5. My Books

– I can also come any time and talk about any of my books: www.christinekelenybooks.com for free with the library visits or organization visits getting $5/book for the adult books sold and $3/book for the children’s books sold.

A few popular options have been:

* For middle grade classrooms: Intrigue in Istanbul (multiple book award-winning mystery adventure book) has been used is a number of Wisconsin English classes with an author visit to their classroom after the kids have read the book where I talk about writing, research, and editing (or whatever helps support what the teacher is working on with the kids.)
* For Nancy Drew fans of all ages: The story behind the three primary creaters of Nancy Drew (historical fiction Midwest Book Award finalist: Will the Real Caroly Keene Please Stand Up).
* History buffs and supporters of our women vets: Sharing the real life story of the nurses from the Midwest who became the nurses of the 95th Evacation Hospital. A tent hospital unit that was just behind the front line in Africa, Italy, France and Germany and even helped the POW at Dachau Concentration Camp (historical fiction: A Burnished Rose).