What is a Tautology Anyway is a great resource for writers and today I learned my one new thing – the word Tautology: a statement in which you repeat a word, idea, etc., in a way that is not necessary


Want to get in on the tautology debate, or just learn more about them – Read more here:
Source: Striking the Surplus from Tautologies (Follow-Up 2

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Four Ways of Expressing Love in Your Screenplay 

For you screenplay (or stage play) writers out there. Some insight about the subtlety (or lack there of) of showing affection on screen from Travis Maiuro.

Source: Four Ways of Expressing Love in Your Screenplay – The Script Lab

Reading a Book Via Text – What?!

By Teodora Zareva: How This Couple Turned Teens’ Love of Texting Into Love for Reading Books | Big Think

Now this is an interesting concept. How many of you would like to read a book this way? Personally, I try to find ways not to be on my phone, but I suppose, waiting at the doctor’s office or someplace else, it might be handy, but it would take me a long time to get through a book.

I can definitely see it for teens though. And for the people that think it corrupts the reading of books . . . Just like comic books, anything that can get younger people reading is fine with me. Is this going to be your next novel?!

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Four Things To Decide Before You Write Your Memoir

Dawn Field has written this post that I thought might be helpful to you memoir writers out there. I wrote a memoir myself (Living in the House of Drugs), but it wasn’t my memoir so I had a few other things to consider.

As with any book I write, I did some research by reading and skimming many other book of the same genre. This gave me an idea of what was out there, what type of story telling I liked and how I might make the memoir I was writing a bit different. Dawn gives you a few other things to consider. I especially agree with her that most good memoirs have a message they convey (think Eat Pray Love or Wild) but they all don’t. Some are just good stories (like Angela’s Ashes).

The other thing to remember when writing a memoir, the more you write it using the structure of a fictional story, the easier and more enjoyable it will be to read. This is something to keep in mind when you’re trying to decide on tense, use of quotes (or not), use of dialogue, story structure…

(Note: this post is taken from the BookBaby blog. This does not mean I am endorsing BookBaby. Though I haven’t heard anything particularly bad about them, always read the fine print related to upfront or down the road fees when going with any service – mine or anyone elses 🙂

Dawn: “Memoirs are their own class of writing, but they have to adhere to the principles of storytelling. Here are 4 things to consider when you write your memoir.”

Source: Four Things To Decide Before You Write Your Memoir | BookBaby Blog

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The #1 Way to Write Intense Story Conflict

K.M. Weiland has a wonderful blog for writers, if you haven’t already seen it. In this post she talks about how writers make readers care about what is going on in a story, which should be a lot of conflict or things that get in the protagonist’s way of their goal.

And by the way, have a wonderful holiday and an even better New Year!


To reach your goal of writing gripping and intense story conflict, you must first learn how to make that conflict matter to readers. Here’s how!

Source: The #1 Way to Write Intense Story Conflict – Helping Writers Become Authors

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