Tips on Memoir Writing

Are you working on a memoir or maybe just thinking about it?

the thinker

Michael is correct – writing a memoir is much like writing fiction or it is if you want it to be interesting 🙂

Michael Mohr has written a helpful post on Joanne Penn’s site that you should check out:

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Important News for SF & Fantasy Writers!

If you are a fantasy or Scifi writer, you’ll want to read this post about the scholarship that George R.R. Martin is offering.

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The Game of Thrones author will provide tuition, fees and lodging for one student at an “intensive” six-week workshop at the Clarion West Writers Workshop in Seattle, US.

Go here for more details:

Maybe if you live in the Seattle area and you don’t get the scholarship, you might want to pay to go yourself. If Martin is endorsing the workshop, it probably is a good one.

Thank you Laurence O’Bryan of BooksGoSocial for cluing me into this opportunity. And thank you George! A wonderful author supporting other authors.

A Screenwriter’s (and Story Writer’s) Must Does

movieIn honor of the made up but very important (for screenwriters and movie lovers) #nationalscreenwritersday, here are 10 things to remember when writing your screenplay, or when creating most any story from ScreenwritingU – one of the people who set up this “special” day.

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National Screenwriters Day – January 5th, 2018

Did you you January 5th is National Screenwriters Day?


It probably doesn’t matter to too many people, unless you’re a screenwriter, like I am.

And if you’re a screenwriter you know how hard it is to find authentic screenplays to read. Well ScreenwritingU and Stage 32 are putting together this “National Screenwriters Day” January 5th, to get screenwriters a little notice (and to sell their wares – Yes, everyone is trying to sell something and your email is a big insentive to put this day on, besides saying they want to promote screenwriters.) Do I sound a bit cynical. Yes, I am but that’s okay because we can all help each other in this endeavor.

These guys ask for your email address and request you help them promote screenwriters day (purely voluntary, of course) and you get access to 100 Oscar-nominated screenplays. And they are the real thing. I’ve downloaded a couple already.

That’s a fair shake, I think. Especially since you can unsubscribe any time you like to the list they have just put you on.

Just like writers need to read books, screenwriters need to read screenplays so you might want to consider signing up.

Wishing you all the best in the New Year!

Christine Keleny

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What is a Tautology Anyway is a great resource for writers and today I learned my one new thing – the word Tautology: a statement in which you repeat a word, idea, etc., in a way that is not necessary


Want to get in on the tautology debate, or just learn more about them – Read more here:
Source: Striking the Surplus from Tautologies (Follow-Up 2

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Four Ways of Expressing Love in Your Screenplay 

For you screenplay (or stage play) writers out there. Some insight about the subtlety (or lack there of) of showing affection on screen from Travis Maiuro.

Source: Four Ways of Expressing Love in Your Screenplay – The Script Lab