Helpful Links

I only put links here that I think are valuable to authors, legitimate and/or that I have used. That’s why I’m only starting with a few. Note: some of these I am affiliated with, some I am not.


BooksGoSocial is a site that helps authors with different aspects of publishing but mainly marketing, and don’t all authors need help with marketing! If you click on the image, it will take you to their list of online classes. If you want $20 off any of their services, contact me and I’ll send you a code.

BooksGoSocial also has access to NetGalley. If you are interested in getting reviews through NetGalley, I recommend using BooksGoSocial. I used them for NetGalley services and it was well worth what I spent.

They also will do Amazon ads for you. I haven’t tried this service yet, but I will. I’ve done Amazon ads on my own and I broke even, which means I did sell more books, but I really didn’t like the hassle of doing it.


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 Independent Publisher Book Award – hosted by the Jenkins Group

This award contest has been around a long time and has a good reputation.

I have submitted to them.

They are a good group

Independent Publisher: THE Voice of the Independent Publishing IndustryMoonbeam Awards – Children’s book award put out by the same company as the IPPY award.

I submitted one of my books to this contest as well


Reader’s Favorite Book Award:  I have entered a couple books into Reader’s Favorite. This is also a place to get reviews – including one for free. I have not used their paid review service

Image result for indieBRAG logo imageindieBRAG Award – Only for self-published works, 13 genre categories

I’ve heard it’s a nice group to work with

The Midwest Book Review

Midwest Book Review is a  reputable book review site

They ask a tolerable reader’s fee. Only fair, really.

download (1) IngramSpark is the self-publishing branch of Lightning Source. (Note: this is not as inexpensive a way to publish compared to ie., you might want to hire someone to do your interior pdf file to meet their specs, and they charge a setup fee -$49), but IngramSpark has more distribution options and less quality issues than amazon.) You get to choose the % cost to your for selling to the various distribution channels. They recommend 55%, which is that industry standard, but you can choose a different percentage if you so choose (which I would not recommend).

KDP Print – Amazon is Beta-Testing a Combined Kindle and POD Dashboard |  CKBooks Publishingkdp.Amazon’s cost for their wider distribution channels is 60%, and your book might or might not be available to libraries but it’s still “a must” place to publish for any author because of their brand recognition.

Download Jutoh - Jutoh    For those do-it-yourselfers out there, here is a ebook formatting program that I recommend. It is user friendly with a good Help section and an even better online chat group – which is mainly Julian, the creator of Jutoh, answering questions 🙂

Image result for midwest independent publishers association logo If you live in the Midwest, the MIPA has a yearly award contest which ends in December. It’s a reputable contest and does not cost a lot to participate.