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How to Write Dialogue That Dazzles Your Readers

The fastest way to improve your story is to write dialogue that dazzles. How? Give each character an opposing goal, and stick to “said.”

These are 2 of the 6 strategies Joslyn Chase writes about in her post about dialogue.

Chase makes good points in her post and I would add, formatting dialogue in a variety of ways also makes reading a more interesting experience. For example, add the dialogue/attribution tag before the sentence or in the middle of a couple of sentences, as well as at the end.

And don’t forget, you only need an attribution (or dialogue) tag, if the reader won’t know who’s talking.


Source: How to Write Dialogue That Dazzles Your Readers

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9 ways to review and revise your writing 

It’s easy to equate revision with failure. “If I knew what I were doing, I’d get it right the first time,” many writers think. Revision is the best friend a writer can have…

So writes Vicki Krueger on the Poynter website, which is a journalism blog, but I think her 9 points work well for novel writers as well. Point #3 is put it away (for a few minutes). Of course for novel writers, this should be much longer. I am always surprised how a couple week away from a manuscript can clarify ones writing.

I also heartily believe in reading out loud and from print vs off the computer or tablet. I always pick up more from reading print.

Source: 9 ways to review and revise your writing – Poynter

I vs. Me

Maria on Shewrites, give us a little grammer lesson. The tip at the end is the best way to figure this out, rather than trying to remember subject pronoun and object pronoun, though I always appreciate when I can learn why I’m supposed to do something a certain way, rather than, just because.

I vs. Me – She Writes.