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The right way to save your book’s Amazon sales page link 

I do this automatically but realized when I saw this post, that all authors might not know this important information. Sandra Beckwith shares a video on just how to do this. The same goes for other book seller websites (B&N for example). Always check the link you copy to make sure it works like you want it to.

Happy book sharing!


Are you saving your book’s Amazon sales page link the wrong way? Most authors are. Learn how to save yourself headaches by doing it the right way.

Source: The right way to save your book’s Amazon sales page link – Build Book Buzz

Christine Keleny

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Pricing your ebook at a discount: Why do it, when, and how to promote 

By Flash Alexander via Pixabay

Here are some suggestions about how to price your ebook and why it might be a good idea to have an occasional sale!


There are a number of benefits to pricing your ebook at a discount or for free. If you’re aiming to attract new readers and ultimately increase sales, here’s what to do…

Source: Pricing your ebook at a discount: Why do it, when, and how to promote | For Authors | The Fussy Librarian

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Advertising Your Books – Part Two: Facebook Ads | Valerie Biel

Valerie Biel has given authors a wonderful step by step process for setting up a Facebook ad, in addition to tips on how to monitor that ad and make sure it is working for you.

I particularly like the advice on setting up a universal purchase link for your other books in the back of your ebook. Great idea. And BTW draft2digital lets you use their universal link creator even if you don’t publish through them. They have another company: Book2read that allows you to create this universal link for free. How nice is that! (And still I wonder, what is the catch? The pragmatist in me says nothing is for free. But maybe there isn’t a catch. I’ll use it and let you know.)

Amazon also has a linking service that will direct buyers to the correct Amazon “store” for them (US, UK, Japan, France…). Their service is booklinkerI’m going to use this one too!

It’s been a while since I’ve done a Facebook ad, so I’m sure I’ll use this post to help me when I try it again.

Thanks Val!

If you click on her post for her bookbub ad, you’ll notice, Valerie compared the various ad’s she created for her bookbub ad. Lawrence O’Bryan also talks about comparing ads plus other things that we can compare. Take a look at his post about A/B testing.


Advertising Your Books – Part One taught you how to get started with BookBub ads. I’ve continued my ad testing on that platform and have updated that article with more notes on my results HERE. The article below details how to advertise on Facebook.

Source: Advertising Your Books – Part Two: Facebook Ads | Valerie Biel

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(This is the picture I used for my just released “All is Revealed in Russia” – the final book in the Agnes Kelly Mystery Adventure Series. front cover - AIRIR Don’t I look lovely! – And mysterious!)

Advertising Your Books – Part One: BookBub Ads 

Great post by Valarie Biel on Book ad, with details on book bub! Thanks Val!


We often discuss the free ways to achieve attention for your books through social media and traditional media publicity. But what about paid advertising? Is this ever a good idea? Yes, paid advertising can give your books a sales’ boost. Particularly, after the buzz of your book launch has died down and you’re trying to gain some traction with sales. However, there’s a lot to know, and it’s important not to spend your advertising dollars before you’ve done your homework.

Source: Advertising Your Books – Part One: BookBub Ads | Valerie Biel

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Setting up an Author Facebook Page

facebookMarketing Tip for Selling Books on Facebook With No Personal Information Shared

Great blow by blow setup of a Facebook Author Page. I’d recommend naming it by your author page not your book title, since, hopefully, you’ll be writing multiple books.
Thanks Vicki!

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The Page Turner

I wanted to share with you a few options for marketing on Facebook even if you do not want to have an active Facebook account for yourself.

Facebook is a huge opportunity for authors that are looking for just one more book sale, one more reader and that elusive one more fan. Many people do not trust Facebook as a platform where they want to spend their time and do not enjoy sharing their personal information with the powers that be like Zuckerburg and other corporate entities. I have the perfect solution for you as an author.

Create a Facebook account. A master account as it were. You do not need to have friends, photos, locations or any of the other more intrusive information listed. It is enough to say Your name or Pen name and your occupation as Author.

Once you have that created you are able to build pages. These…

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How to Write a Press Release for a Book – The Happy Self-Publisher

“You’ve just published or are about to publish a book and you want the world to know about it, right? A press release is an effective way to capture the attention of the media and other organization…” Lois Hoffman

“An effective way to capture media attention”? I’m not so sure. I’ve written and sent out many press releases and have garnered little media attention, and I know I’ve done a decent job with the release.

Are they still a good idea? Yes, mostly because it’s not that hard to do and it is something you want on hand, in case an opportunity comes up for you to use it – like if you have a book launch at a local bookstore or library; and it is another marketing tool that media are used to seeing, so it doesn’t hurt to send it out – especially to smaller, local papers, radio and TV stations. You might get on the morning news program, who knows. I have had to create one at the last minute for one of my books because I didn’t do it initially and I needed it for a book contest I was entering or some such thing.

And the shorter the better. Everyone is busy so keep it simple and concise. Also know that the media may even use parts of the release verbatim (to save them time), so keep that in mind when writing it, along with the idea that the more “news worthy” it is, the more likely the media will pay attention, so change it depending on who you’re sending it to. You might want to say something different to your local paper than to a larger organization you have no particular ties to.

The link below is to Lois’ full article on press release specifics. Check it out!

Source: How to Write a Press Release for a Book – The Happy Self-Publisher

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Book Marketing Is an Emotional Roller Coaster

4 rollercI thought I would share this post from Maria Murnane because it illustrates what anyone who is trying to market their work needs: a good sense of humor and persistence.

I have also set up events around my books that no one showed up for. It happens. But then there are events like what I did last evening at the WJ Niederdorn Library in Port Washington, WI and 20 people showed up and we had a nice time together talking about my book. I started out by talking about myself and my 4 other books I have in print (which I had on display, of course) and I ended up selling 5 books – only 2 were the book I was talking about! (So make sure you bring all of your books to any one-book event and business cards!)

And hang in there. Not everything you try is going to work but some things will and that’s what counts.

 CreateSpace Community: Resources: Book Marketing Is an Emotional Roller Coaster

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