Setting up an Author Facebook Page

facebookMarketing Tip for Selling Books on Facebook With No Personal Information Shared

Great blow by blow setup of a Facebook Author Page. I’d recommend naming it by your author page not your book title, since, hopefully, you’ll be writing multiple books.
Thanks Vicki!

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I wanted to share with you a few options for marketing on Facebook even if you do not want to have an active Facebook account for yourself.

Facebook is a huge opportunity for authors that are looking for just one more book sale, one more reader and that elusive one more fan. Many people do not trust Facebook as a platform where they want to spend their time and do not enjoy sharing their personal information with the powers that be like Zuckerburg and other corporate entities. I have the perfect solution for you as an author.

Create a Facebook account. A master account as it were. You do not need to have friends, photos, locations or any of the other more intrusive information listed. It is enough to say Your name or Pen name and your occupation as Author.

Once you have that created you are able to build pages. These…

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