Book Marketing Is an Emotional Roller Coaster

4 rollercI thought I would share this post from Maria Murnane because it illustrates what anyone who is trying to market their work needs: a good sense of humor and persistence.

I have also set up events around my books that no one showed up for. It happens. But then there are events like what I did last evening at the WJ Niederdorn Library in Port Washington, WI and 20 people showed up and we had a nice time together talking about my book. I started out by talking about myself and my 4 other books I have in print (which I had on display, of course) and I ended up selling 5 books – only 2 were the book I was talking about! (So make sure you bring all of your books to any one-book event and business cards!)

And hang in there. Not everything you try is going to work but some things will and that’s what counts.

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