Cuban Book Embargo

Didn’t know if you were aware but there is a petition to convince our government to end the book embargo with Cuba.  This would be good for us as writers and readers.

Mark Coker has given you all the details  in the link below and the petition link is here as well. Please share!

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Why I have stopped reviewing books from Celebrity Authors

I wouldn’t go so far as to not review a celebrity author’s book if I take the time to read it, but I definitely go out of my way to read indie authors and review their books on multiple sites, (if I like it). If the book needs help, I contact the author and suggest such – even though that might not make me popular. If my book needed help, I’d want people to tell me. It doesn’t help anyone if I just lambaste them for poor writing or editing online. Do indie authors listen to my suggestions – I’m guessing not many, but if enough people them them their book needs help, then maybe they will listen. All indie authors benefit when our group as a whole puts better work out there. Yes, it’s competition, but it also helps our reputation as a whole, and that helps everyone!

Gisela’s Straightforward Blog: Why I have stopped reviewing books from Celebrity Authors.

7 Scientifically-Proven Tips to Hook Readers that Every Writer Should Know

Alex Radcliff summarizes some key points to a story from the book “Wired For Story.” I haven’t read it but it sounds like it would be worth taking a look at.

A must read for any author is “The Writer’s Journey” By Christopher Vogler. I also like the book, but not the title so much, of “Techniques of the Selling Writer.” by Dwight Swain. I don’t like the title because it implies that the only reason we want to create a good story is to make money. Of course I want to make money with my stories, but to do that you have to write a good story, and to write a good story, you have to write for other reasons than money!

7 Scientifically-Proven Tips to Hook Readers that Every Writer Should Know | Alexis Radcliff |

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When You Feel Invisible in the Crowded Book Market

headsI like Jody’s topic because I think every writer feels this way, whether we are working with a traditional publishing house or doing it ourselves – more and more marketing and promotion is being put on the writer.

Again – my advise to all who publish: persistence, persistence, persistence, in marketing, in events, in finding connections, in helping other writers, in reading and, of course, in writing.

Author, Jody Hedlund: When You Feel Invisible in the Crowded Book Market.

Ebook vs Print Book Sales

pwc-eook-2018-prediction-500x406According to The New York Times:

In the United States and Britain, sales of e-books represent between a quarter and a third of the consumer book market and, by 2018, will edge out printed and audio books as the most lucrative segment, according to projections by the consulting firm PricewaterhouseCoopers.

As Nate Hoffelder of The Digital Reader points out though, the “perennial ebook optimists” at PricewaterhouseCoopers have now moved that goalpost back two years running. In 2012 they predicted that eBook sales would outpace print by 2016. In 2013, they said it’d happen in 2017. Now… it’s 2018.

One thing is certain, though: for many years to come, authors in the United Sates and Britian will need to make their books available in both print and digital editions in order to reach the most readers.

It’s also interesting to see how much less a share of the marketplace eBooks hold in many European countries. It’s exciting to see the growth opportunity for digital books in that region, but also a great chance for authors to continue selling print books to the millions of English-speakers in countries like Germany, Sweden, Norway, etc.

From Chris Robley of bookbaby

Publishing a Paperback with IngramSpark

Abigail Carter – of – has shared some very helpful information for publishing with IngramSpark/LighteningSource.

I have published through createspace/Amazon, have had my books published with a brick and mortar printer in my area and plan on using Ingram/LighteningSource (same company) to get on their distribution list. I wonder if she started with Lightening Sources if it would have been any easier. I think I remember reading that somewhere but I’m not sure about that.

Abigail shares some insights that will make the process easier. Ingram has a long way to go to make the process as easy as Amazon does.

When I try it and if I find out any other helpful tips, I’ll let you-all know!

Publishing a Paperback with IngramSpark – Community.