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Tips Naming Your Characters 

Ever have trouble figuring out names for your characters? It’s not usually an issue I have, though I have made the mistake of naming 2 characters with the same first name, kind of (Lilly and Lilly Mae). I did it on purpose because one was white and one was black and it was a way to make a point, but it did give me a few issues when both characters were in the same room.

Another good place to look for names – your local obituaries! Helps with matching age and ethnicity with a name choice.

Valerie Biel, on her blog, with Kristin Oakley, discusses naming character and gives us lots of different reference posts on the topic.

Source: Naming Your Characters | Valerie Biel

Tips on Memoir Writing

Are you working on a memoir or maybe just thinking about it?

the thinker

Michael is correct – writing a memoir is much like writing fiction or it is if you want it to be interesting 🙂

Michael Mohr has written a helpful post on Joanne Penn’s site that you should check out: https://www.thecreativepenn.com/2018/03/09/fiction-techniques-writing-memoir/comment-page-1/#comment-438767

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A Screenwriter’s (and Story Writer’s) Must Does

movieIn honor of the made up but very important (for screenwriters and movie lovers) #nationalscreenwritersday, here are 10 things to remember when writing your screenplay, or when creating most any story from ScreenwritingU – one of the people who set up this “special” day.

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The #1 Way to Write Intense Story Conflict

K.M. Weiland has a wonderful blog for writers, if you haven’t already seen it. In this post she talks about how writers make readers care about what is going on in a story, which should be a lot of conflict or things that get in the protagonist’s way of their goal.

And by the way, have a wonderful holiday and an even better New Year!


To reach your goal of writing gripping and intense story conflict, you must first learn how to make that conflict matter to readers. Here’s how!

Source: The #1 Way to Write Intense Story Conflict – Helping Writers Become Authors

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 5 Reasons Your Plot Stalled and How to Restart

Janice Hardy give writers some practical information about how to make sure your plot and your scenes are needed for the story and some ideas on how to correct things if they are not.

Source: Author, Jody Hedlund: 5 Reasons Your Plot Stalled

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8 Simple Writing Strategies That Helped Stephen King

The best-selling novelist shares his secrets to writing. I’ve read Kings book: On Writing. It’s a good book to read but not as much about how to write better but how King writes and thinks about writing. You’ll probably find a gem or too as Glenn Liebowitz did in this post on inc. I’m not in love with Kings book as much as Glenn, but it’s worth a read. You can’t deny Stephen knows how to write.

Source: 8 Simple Writing Strategies That Helped Stephen King Sell 350 Million Books | Inc.com