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How to Find Profitable Amazon Book Advertisement Keywords [2020]

Many of you may know Dave Chesson. He is a wealth of knowledge for anyone looking for information about publishing. He also has some products to sell related to that as well (which I am not endorsing here but I do trust him – he’s been around the book world for quite a while). Part of the reason I trust Dave is because he gives a lot of good information away for free. This post is an example.

I have done Amazon ads and I’ve hired others to do it for me as well. Both times I’d say I came out about even in the money I spent and the money I gained. It gave me more readers (not a lot, and not sure that translated to purchases of any of my other books) but I’m still on the fence whether it was worth all the time I spent on doing it myself, since I just broke even.

If you’ve even tried ads yourself, he’s right, key words are KEY! (pardon my pun). His post helps you a bit in that direction. (link below)


“Learn how you can create a list of profitable Amazon ads keywords for your book advertisements and start earning now on your ads!…”

Source: How to Find Profitable Amazon Book Advertisement Keywords [2020]

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10 Tips on Amazon Ads for Authors

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Laurence O’Bryan’s of Books Go Social post on Amazon ads has some helpful information. Most notably the link to kindlepreneur and a free book description tool. A good book description is very important!

Laurence mentions that it’s important to have some good reviews – I’d suggest at least 10, but more is better.  If you’re going to spend money on advertising, having reviews will help you spend your money more wisely. Remember, all reviews don’t need to be 4 or 5 stars. In fact, I think the reviews look more legitimate if there are a few 3 star reviews, not that you have any control over this. I just mention it because not everyone who reads your book will LOVE it and potential readers know this, so don’t worry when you get a few 3 star reviews. Hopefully your average is 4/5 or above.

I also agree that you shouldn’t spend more than you can afford. Pay attention to the ads – what they are charging and what money are you making. Keep in mind, the money they say you are making doesn’t take into account the discount – the 70% or 30% that Laurence mentions (item #5).

Note: I am not endorsing Books Go Social or the things they want to sell you in this post, but I know they are a good company and I do think they have author’s interests at heart – just below staying solvent (as all companies). I have not tried their free AMS ad course, so I can’t speak on that, but I think your keyword choice and your ad copy are two things that are very important with AMS ads. Those that can use computer-generated ad key words have an advantage. Unfortunately, that is not most of us, so we have to do our best.

Anyone who tries BGS free course, please share what you think. If I eek out some time to do it myself. I’ll also share what think.

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Amazon Ads – Are They Worth It?

Amazon Marketing Services for Book Vendors

Is it worth setting up book ads on Amazon? I’ve tried it a couple times now for a couple different titles of mine and I’m not convinced yet.

I have a book (The Red Velvet Box) that is set around the holidays – Thanksgiving and Christmas – so I thought I’d give it another try seeing that it’s around that time of the year. I’ve tried an Amazon ad before with my award-winning MG novel: Intrigue in Istanbul. I can no longer see that campaign so I can’t tell you how it went other than what I remember. And what I remember is my current campaign is garnering more interest but the sales are still just so so.

Here is the Amazon speak:
262,916 impressions – which means it’s showed up that many times on Amazon and from what I understand, that has to do with how much you pay/click for a certain key word.

I’ve got 90 key words –  key word doesn’t have to be just one word – (most gurus say you should have many more, but I got tired of trying to find more after I hit 90) and I started paying 25 cents/click/word(s). That didn’t get me many impressions, but it did tell me which key words were getting impressions so I upped the fee/word .40 or .50/word(s) on those specific words and the impressions increased A LOT!

So it’s run for about a week. I’ve spend between $3 and $4/ day (I’ve changed it a couple times). It’s had 100 clicks (on my specific ad) and I’ve spent $30.15 for $2.99 in sales. And those sales figures are the full sales, not my cut which is 70% of that.

So…so far I’m not that impressed.

Now, maybe my ad is not catchy enough. I looked at other bestselling books in my genre to help me decide on my ad copy, but I’m not a marketer, so maybe this could be improved and I’d sell more books. Or maybe my genre and age group (middle grade mystery adventure) is not a big seller. I do know mysteries sell – it’s one of the top 5, but for middle graders????

Now, it is the holidays, and people will be getting tablets and ereaders as gifts and maybe trolling Amazon for good books. I’m going to keep my ad going until January 7th, so we’ll see how it goes.

Here is Amazon’s info/marketing page for Amazon ads,   and remember this is marketing, even though it’s appears to educational, which is also is. The ads are not hard to set up but if you want to try putting up an ad, check your site every day to make sure it’s working the way you want. And don’t go over your budget. Give yourself a set budget and stick to it. Amazon wants you to be excited about any sales but if you don’t have the money to spend, don’t spend it!!

Wishing you and yours peace-filled holidays!

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