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The Importance of Keywords to Ranking Your Book on Amazon – The Book Designer

Dave Chesson is guest posting on the Book Designer and he has some good reminders about keyword use on Amazon.

If you haven’t checked your key words since you first put up your book, it might be good to give them a second look 🙂

Source: The Importance of Keywords to Ranking Your Book on Amazon – The Book Designer

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Thinking About Writing in Multiple Genres? Here’s What You Need to Know

Kimberley Grabas writes about genre hopping on Joel Friedlander’s “The Book Designer” site . I am about to do that for the first time and I would have to agree with her, it is probably not a smart move marketing and sales wise.

For those of you who don’t know me well, I have 5 books out in the historical fiction genre, one memoir (not mine) and I am about to publish my first MG (middle grade) adventure mystery story – “Intrigue in Istanbul – An Agnes Kelly Mystery Adventure.”

Why switch genre’s (and age groups)?
I came upon the Flavia de Luce series of Allan Bradley and I was inspired. [If you haven’t read any of Allan Bradley’s books, I’d highly recommend them. They are well written and entertaining.] Because it is quite a jump from adult histfic, I have done more work on the front end to make sure I have the genre and age group down. I have had more readers (over 10) read it ahead of time, had MG readers (5) read it ahead of time and read a lot more in that same genre.

All this will not ensure I do well, but I think it is a good first step. Now I have to figure out how to market to that age group, since it is parents that have the checkbook, it will be an interesting genre to market to. I am told by other MG writers that I need to get into the schools. I happen to have two friends who are MG teachers, so I am going to start there. I am also going to join a children’s writers and illustrators group (Society of Book Writers and Illustrators – SCBWI) as well as talk to other MG writers who are willing to share their marketing wisdom.

Would I do better sticking to my genre? – Probably.

Would I be happy sticking to my genre? – No – to confining.

Do I care? – Not particularly. I still work a day job (helping other writers!) so writing and publishing for myself is the cream in my coffee (if I drank coffee :), that is). And I’m up for the challenge!
I’ll let you know how the jump turns out.

Source: Thinking About Writing in Multiple Genres? Here’s What You Need to Know – The Book Designer

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A Step-by-Step Guide to Dealing with Content Theft

In this day and age of easy access to almost anything, it makes sense that your published (and copyrighted) work would be at risk. It comes with the territory, I suppose. But it doesn’t mean you have no recourse. Here is some very practical information from Helen Sedwich on Joel Friedlander’s book designer site on content theft.

A Step-by-Step Guide to Dealing with Content Theft by Helen Sedwick — The Book Designer.


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Free ISBN or No Free ISBN? That is the Question

from qwentanner.com

from qwentanner.com

I know I’ve posted information about ISBN’s before but Joel Friedlander on his website, The Book Designer, gives more detail than I’ve found in other blog posts before and is worth sharing if you’ve ever questioned whether you should accept that free ISBN from createspace or any other publisher. This post has information that should help you decide.

ISBN 101 For Self-Publishers — The Book Designer.