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How To Publish A Book Bundle

Nancy booksShelley Hitz explains how to publish a book bundle on Kindle – though it would be the same for any site you sell on. Basically, it’s putting all the books in one file and making a new image (like a box set) for it. Pretty simple, I guess. But unfortunately, she doesn’t say how to make the new box set image and I’m not so good with photo shop. I guess I have to ask some friends to help me. There are lots of people that are good with photo shop.

While you’re waiting for help with your new cover, make sure your series ebooks are connected. I know Amazon has a specific line that you put the same series name in for each book in the series (mine is “Rose series”) then the volume #. They are supposed to be displayed together when someone pulls up one book in the series. I know you can do that on Goodreads, too.

How To Publish A Book Bundle On Kindle.

Book Marketing 101

image from edit5523naz.wikispaces.com

image from edit5523naz.wikispaces.com

So what does every author (whether from the traditional published side or the self-published side) struggle with? Book Marketing, of course. Just google those two words and see all the sites that will try and sell you some wonderful, surefire way to market your book. Before you actually hire someone, there are some basics book marketing things that your should try. (And only pay someone if you have a personal recommendation from someone you trust. Because marketing is such an issue for authors, there are a lot of people trying to hoodwink you, so beware!)

Some basic things to try:

♦ put yourself on goodreads as an author and do a book giveaway. It’s a great way to get seen and to make contacts! It’s also a way to get reviews.

♦ get as many reviews on amazon and goodreads as you can. Actually, this really should be your number one thing to do and something you never stop doing. It’s not easy because people are reluctant to do it but Reviews Sell Books! Giving away some ebooks for review, or discounted paper books to get a review. It is well worth the cost to you.

♦ put a review request in any paper book (as a book mark sort of deal with you signing the request) and in the back of any ebook.

♦ do local events at libraries, coffee shops and bookstores. Search out groups that might be interested in the topic or genre of your book and offer to come and talk.

♦ search for craft fairs and books fairs in your area. I have made many sales at craft fairs and made lots of good contacts, and it’s fun to talk to readers and have them come back the next year for another one of my books because they liked the first.

♦ I assume you have a website. That’s a very easy thing to do and very necessary in this day and age. I have mine through wordpress (my books blog [free] and my business blog [$99/year]). They are very easy and can even be free if you want.

♦ If you have a facebook page for you and your books (not a personal page but one devoted to writing, reading and your books, as well), that is a plus but not a must have. If you blog at all on your website (again, not necessary but an added perk to readers), then you can easily link your posts to your facebook page. Believe it or not, your readers want to know about you. Build a fan base by talking to them (and send a few discounted or free items their way just for following your website! They deserve that much).

These are some very basic ideas, but the more you do, the more people you can encounter and people (especially fans!) are your greatest asset.

And good luck!
Christine Keleny

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Author Newsletter – September 2014

If you’re not on Goodreads, I highly recommend it. If you are and don’t get the newsletter, here is one I received recently that lays out some important things to do before publication.

Plus read farther down. In the author interview, Chuck mentions reading the “recent status updates.” I never knew what this was, but now that I do, I will definitely be reading and commenting on those. (apparently, sometimes readers make commen

ts on Goodreads about books they are reading and those comments are stored here. And you can comment on those comments.) It’s another great way to connect to readers!

I can’t say enough good things about Goodreads, really. And I want to thank Amazon for not messing it with it too much since they purchased it recently. Hopefully they know a good thing when they see it (and leave it alone!)

Author Newsletter – September 2014.

Nancy Drew Historical Fiction Giveaway!

goodreadsSince I am in the middle of this marketing stuff, trying to get my new book out there, I thought I’d share my next step in that direction – Goodreads Giveaway.

Having a book giveaway is a very simple way to promote your book and your name. If you aren’t an author on Goodreads, do it now. Goodreads is a wonderful site for authors and readers. It’s an easy way to connect with readers, bloggers, and fellow authors and is very user friendly.

Giveaways help in a few ways:
1) Get people to read (and hopefully) review your book.
The first giveaway I had I think I gave 5 books away. I got three nice reviews out of that (not guarantee you’ll get good reviews, mind you). I am going to giveaway 8 books this time and see if I can up my review rate.
2) You get people to put your book on their “to read” list.
This, of course, doesn’t mean they will actually read it, but you still have their contact information on Goodreads. You can then contact the folks who didn’t get a book and offer them a discounted book (Smashwords allows you to create coupons for ebook that you can discount to whatever percentage you desire.) Or just offer a free ebook in return for an honest review. I haven’t decided what direction I will go with that, myself.
3) It gets your name out there and any time you can do that and for only the cost of your time, do it!
4) It’s another way to reward your blog followers (if you have a blog) or website follows.
Followers are people you need to cultivate and thank.n Word of mouth is powerful! This is one easy way to do that.
5) A way to gain new followers.
If you’ve written a good book and someone reads it (via a book you send them) and they share that book or tell others about your book – Viola! New followers!
Yes, it costs you the price of how ever many books you’re giving away and shipping, but for all the reasons above and the ease of setting up the giveaway, it’s really a no-brainer launch, list must!

And, yes, if you want a chance at a free book, the link should work. Go ahead. Everyone likes free! And I’d love to hear from you! 😉


I don’t mean to inundate you with stuff about my Nancy Drew book, but I have to share this bit of news because it doesn’t cost a thing!

For those who would like a chance at a free, signed copy of my Nancy book, just click the Goodreads link below and sign up. I’m giving away 8 free copies between now and July 25th.
And if you’re not a Nancy fan, you might know someone who is, someone who would love to read about the inside (controversial) story being Nancy.

Retweet, face share or just tell your book friends about it too! Who doesn’t like free (no shipping cost or anything!)

Goodreads Book Giveaway

Will the Real Carolyn Keene Please Stand Up by Christine Keleny

Will the Real Carolyn Keene Please Stand Up

by Christine Keleny

Giveaway ends July 25, 2014.

See the giveaway details
at Goodreads.

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Book Giveaway!

In honor of the book release this Friday, June 14th at Frugal Muse  West (by Target/Menards) in Madison, 7 p.m., of Living in the House of Drugs I will be giving away 4 free copies of the book on Goodreads. You’re also welcome to come to the release event and meet Willie!


   As a child in 1980s, Chicago Willie stole to help feed his brothers, sister, and himself. In grade school his teacher told him to have his parents help him with his homework, but his mother, the only parent around, didn’t know how. As a young man Willie started smoking pot, which easily turned into harder drugs. This eventually led Willie to a life under someone’s front porch, two prison sentences, numerous trips to jail, and various recovery programs.

  Living in the House of Drugs is the story of Willie Lee Triplett, a recovering addict and alcoholic. It tells of Willie’s life in the suburbs of one of Chicago’s poorer neighborhoods, his chance trip to Wisconsin, and his struggle for sobriety. It’s a no-holds-barred account of Willie’s life on the street, in prison, and the roller coaster ride of recovery that many addicts know well. The story is unique in its telling, following not only Willie’s interesting life story but also the author’s interactions with Willie as she learns of his sometimes sordid past, seeing beyond the story and into the man.

Goodreads Book Giveaway

Living in the House of Drugs by Christine Keleny

Living in the House of Drugs

by Christine Keleny

Giveaway ends June 30, 2013.

See the giveaway details
at Goodreads.

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Good Luck!

A List of Things Scott Turow Doesn’t Care About

Another good article by David Gaughran. I don’t know much about the Author’s Guild but they don’t seem like an organization I would want to be a part of. That’s too bad. They sound like they have a lot of money to help us writers and authors, they don’t seem to be good advocates.

A List of Things Scott Turow Doesn’t Care About.


Amazon eats Goodreads


If you’re a Goodreads fan, you might want to read this and decide for yourself if David is correct. Goodreads is a great place for authors and writers to connect. I hope Amazon doesn’t mess that up. I’m a bit skeptical, but time will tell.