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A List of Things Scott Turow Doesn’t Care About

Another good article by David Gaughran. I don’t know much about the Author’s Guild but they don’t seem like an organization I would want to be a part of. That’s too bad. They sound like they have a lot of money to help us writers and authors, they don’t seem to be good advocates.

A List of Things Scott Turow Doesn’t Care About.


The Year of the Author?

…Now more than ever authors are in the driver’s seat. Not all of them, not all the time but more than a decade ago, certainly.

In the case of Random House, authors associations pressured it into playing nicer with authors. In the case of Day, when an author does want to play with a publisher, it’s generally on the author’s terms. And in the case of a self-published author topping the best-seller list, when authors play the game without the help of a publisher, sometimes they win.

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The Year of the Author?.