Writers’ Forum 2022 – December | Valerie Biel

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Great end-of-the-year information for authors from Valerie Biel! Take a look.

And may the good outweigh the bad in 2023!


2023 Literary Calendar Estate Planning for Authors The Making of a Six-Figure Author The Best Books of 2022 FEATURED ARTICLES 2023 Literary Calendar from Sandra Beckwith I love these calendars that give us all kinds of fun bookish things to celebrate. Take a look and choose which mesh well with the content you create to help you plan your social media posts for the coming year.

Source: Writers’ Forum 2022 – December | Valerie Biel

It’s Beatrix Potter’s Birthday!

How did I not know that Beatrix and I shared a birthday? She was quite before her time. I can not claim anything like that, and my skill with art is quite pedestrian. Oh well. We’re both writers!

Click the link below to learn a bit more about this amazing woman via Maria Popova’s post.


“Imagination is the precursor to policy, the precondition to action. Imagination, like wonder, allows us to value something.”

Source: Beatrix Potter, Mycologist: The Beloved Children’s Book Author’s Little-Known Scientific Studies and Illustrations of Mushrooms – Brain Pickings

Help Disabled Writers: Here’s How

Hey all you book people out there looking for a book related charity to give to… have I got the opportunity for you!

SCBWI (Society of Children’s Book Writers and Illustrators – what a mouth full!), which I am a member of, is participating in #GivingTuesday by setting up a giving link for scholarships, grants, and accessibility resources for  writers with disabilities.

What could be better than supporting a fellow writer that has a disability?!

So click this link and donate to SCBWI and tag the donation with #GivingTuesday and SCBWI will use you donation to help disabled SCBWI writers.

Click the link below for more details:

Source: SCBWI | Let’s Celebrate GivingTuesday Together – Here’s How

Belleville Middle & High School Principal’s Blog: Author Visit for 8th Grade

Just spent the morning with four of Mrs. Schultz’s 8th grade classes talking about story structure. Maybe not their favorite subject but as I explained to at least one class, they can’t get away from it, whether it’s for a book they are writing, a class paper in high school or college or a work proposal when they are out of school and in the working world. Being able to have people understand what you’re writing and even entertaining them on top of it is a skill worth getting down and may not be as hard as it seems 🙂

The kids listened well, didn’t fall asleep (which was nice), and had some good questions.

You’re doing a good job, Mrs. Schultz! Thanks for inviting me into your classroom!

Source: Belleville Middle & High School Principal’s Blog: Author Visit for 8th Grade

THE Voice of the Independent Publishing Industry

I know it’s been 2016 for a while but I wanted to share this anyway. Jillian Bergsma Manning reminds us of things we as writers should think about (and hopefully implement) in the new year.

What’s on your writer’s to do list for 2016?

I know one thing I would like to improve on. I would like to plan out my book events a bit more in advance, if I can. It will make me feel better and will be less stressful to boot!

Source: Independent Publisher: THE Voice of the Independent Publishing Industry

Top Christmas Gifts for Writers in 2015

Here’s another list of gift ideas for writers and readers, this one if from K.M. Weiland’s yearly guide to the top Christmas gifts for writers. (A Jane Austin doll, how fun!)

Source: Top Christmas Gifts for Writers in 2015 – Helping Writers Become Authors

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Do you hate E. L. James ? #fiftyshades

Kudos, Damyanti, for sticking up for common decency. If James’ writing is bad, then don’t buy her book or read her book. None of this shameless, personless online degrading. We aren’t in 5th grade people. Lets discuss poor writing in a better forum than in a bully tweet.
p.s. I did not read or purchase her book for two reasons – not my kind of reading and I also heard the writing was poor. There are so many good books out there to read to waste time on poorly written one. And honestly, her editor and publisher need to be discussed as much as James. They printed the books, after all.