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Designing a Book Cover That Tells

I found this helpful post by Christopher Lentz who is a guest on “The Owl Lady’s” blog – Vivdrewa.me. I had never heard of the backward six scan we apparently all do. I also like his comment in his “squinting at it” section. What is prominent does depend on who you are as an author. I’m sure you’ve noticed how some (not all) prominent authors have their name almost as large or larger than the title. They are obviously selling themselves and their reputation that you’ll want that book you’re looking at. Most of us aren’t in this category – not yet anyway 😉
There – I learned my new one thing today. Hopefully I’ll learn a few more, too 😉

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By Guest Blogger Christopher Lentz

If you’re reading this, you’re probably a storyteller. That’s part “story” and part “teller.” So what do your book covers tell potential readers?

First confession: I may be new to the self-publishing world, but I’m not a newcomer to the universe of design and marketing. Since the launch of my novel,Blossom, I continue to be amazed by how many people are attracted to and comment about the book’s cover.

Though trends in romance cover designs come and go, timeless and tested truisms of marketing contributed to Blossom’s cover design. Here are five things I applied while designing what’s proving to be an impactful, engaging cover.

Second confession: If you’re looking for a guaranteed how-to list of tips for designing covers that will propel you to the heights of TheNew York Timesbestsellers list, this isn’t it. If you find one, let me…

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The Basics of a Book Cover

20140503_135805I gave a presentation recently at the Wisconsin Writers Association Author’s Showcase in LaCrosse, Wisconsin. It was on “The Basics of Book Covers.” I told the participants that I’d share the powerpoint with them so I am sharing it with them and with you, because I like you all so much. Really, I do!

So if you want to learn the basics of what makes a good or not-so-good book cover, click this The Basics of a Book Cover and take a look.

If you are a Wisconsin author, I’d encourage you to join the WWA at their fall conference Oct 3-5. This is the first conference I went to and I met many wonderful authors who were all willing to share and support each other in the work we all love.

(Full disclosure here, and to give those who know more than I do about cover art their due, I gleaned some of my information from my brother, Earl Keleny, who is a professional illustrator and from Dave Bricker of the website: theworldsgreatestbook.com. Earl has worked on 4 of my 5 book covers and always does a wonderful job.)

The Meaning of Color in Book Cover Design: Writer.ly Community : Writer.ly Community

from fashionbombdaily.com

from fashionbombdaily.com

Abigail Carter from writer.ly gives some good insights on color. Read and learn!

The Meaning of Color in Book Cover Design: Writer.ly Community : Writer.ly Community.

Book Cover Design – Judging a Book by Its Cover

My last post was on the back of the book. This one is on the very important front cover.book_cover_chimp

Some very good advice from Dave Bricker about designing book covers. Things to think about when you want to do it yourself, or when you are evaluating what your hired designer has done for you.

Note: If you hire a designer, make sure they get a synopsis of your book. Most don’t have time to read a whole book, but they should have a good idea of what’s going on in your story so they can design around it.

Book Cover Design – Judging a Book by Its Cover.