The Basics of a Book Cover

20140503_135805I gave a presentation recently at the Wisconsin Writers Association Author’s Showcase in LaCrosse, Wisconsin. It was on “The Basics of Book Covers.” I told the participants that I’d share the powerpoint with them so I am sharing it with them and with you, because I like you all so much. Really, I do!

So if you want to learn the basics of what makes a good or not-so-good book cover, click this The Basics of a Book Cover and take a look.

If you are a Wisconsin author, I’d encourage you to join the WWA at their fall conference Oct 3-5. This is the first conference I went to and I met many wonderful authors who were all willing to share and support each other in the work we all love.

(Full disclosure here, and to give those who know more than I do about cover art their due, I gleaned some of my information from my brother, Earl Keleny, who is a professional illustrator and from Dave Bricker of the website: Earl has worked on 4 of my 5 book covers and always does a wonderful job.)

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