Formatting Manuscripts – What you need to know!

Some good information here, but note – this publisher is in Australia (I think) so the quote and line spacing thing is different than in the US.

In general, you don’t have to do any formatting to your manuscript if you plan on having someone else format it for you. They can do all that. You just concentrate on creating a great story! 🙂

Plaisted Publishing House

What You Need to Know!

This isn’t about how to format.  It’s about what you need to format for some of the different areas of writing, editing and publishing.

Formatting is something all writers need to learn at the start of their career.  It will save you time, money and gain you experience of all the different types of formatting that are around today.  Remember as technology improves, formatting is likely to change too.

I have blogged about formatting before.  As a professional formatter and publisher it can be very irritating when work arrives with tab indents.  To me this is one of the biggest NO’s there is.  The other problem is all the different types of formatting needed for editors, submissions, publishing and even writing, never mind the different genre’s there are in the world today.  

So how do we start?  Great question!

First are you…

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Spring with Emily Dickinson – Brain Pickings

We always need inspiration. Spring definitely gets me going! How about you?


Feeling inspired by spring. Here are some thoughts from Miss Emily on the subject. Thanks to Maria Popova

“Today is very beautiful — just as bright, just as blue, just as green and as white, and as crimson, as the cherry trees full in bloom, and the half opening peach blossoms, and the grass just…

Source: Spring with Emily Dickinson – Brain Pickings

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2019 UW Writers’ Institute conference recap

Me on a publishing panel at the UW Madison Writer’s Institute this weekend. Also spoke on editing and heard some great speakers.
I don’t look very happy, but I was!! I was having a good time! I have to remember people take pictures – Ug!


The annual UW Writers’ Institute conference took place this past weekend.

The conference opened with moving, beautiful readings from participants of the UW Odyssey Project.

There were great keynote speakers like Jane Friedman and Jennie Nash, and one of the most talented, supportive networks of authors I’ve ever met. We learned about everything from creating a podcast to improving our websites and much, much more. This was my fourth time attending this conference and I’ve published over twenty books, but I still walk away with tons of new ideas and inspiration. Not to mention, this industry changes so quickly that it’s impossible to ever know it all.

Proud to be included in the success panel along with Kristine Hansen, Bibi Belford, Rita Schunk, Greg Renz, Heather Shumaker, Kristine Ziegler, rr campbell, and Julie Holmes. Photo by Kristin Oakley.


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My Top Ten Twitter Tips for Writers

If you are twitter but not sure what to do with it, Rebecca gives you some ideas. Thanks Rebecca!

Rev. Rebecca Writes

Hello, Friends!

As you may know, my name is Rebecca and I love to write. One of my goals in life is to eventually find a home with a traditional publishing house. I love to write and I view my writing as an important aspect of my ministry. I’ll be honest, social media doesn’t come naturally for me. When I found out that traditional publishing houses want to see writers with “significant social media reach,” I almost despaired.

For years I actively worked to keep my social media presence quiet. My mission in life for over eight years was to become an ordained minister in the United Methodist Church. I wanted to remain quiet on social media because I was terrified that I would say something, like something, or share something that someone somewhere might dislike. I was afraid of making problems for myself.

I also had my job as…

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