First 5 steps to book marketing & MASTER Update – 9/9

I like that Thomas has contacting a cover artist as #1. You can’t promote anything until you have a cover. And covers (as most other things in publishing) takes longer to accomplish than you might think.
I’d add
– set up a website – it doesn’t have to be much to start, just one page, but hopefully you’ll expand it a bit from there, but take your time.
– I don’t think twitter is a must, but I’d suggest looking into it.

The important thing about marketing is not to wig-out about it. Do what you can when you can. Remember, WOM – Word Of Mouth is just as important as the social media stuff, so let everyone you know, know about the book you are working on!

Thomas M. Watt

indiana jones

Contrary to amateur belief, it’s most beneficial for an author to market their work before it is published. This way, potential readers will have something to look forward to, much like the opening weekend of a new blockbuster movie. That’s why we see trailers for movies that aren’t going to appear in theaters until much later; to generate some hype and anticipation.

If you’re like me, promoting your work is alien to your nature and feels like an insult to art (I am trapped by this deep-seeded ideal that beauty should be recognized the moment it is seen, and is apparent enough in itself that it should never have to be pointed out to anyone. Then I remind myself that Van Gogh never sold a painting).

Fortunately, the world wide web holds an endless bounty of information, and enough google searches will get you off the sidewalk and onto the…

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