The 6 Challenges of Writing a Second Novel 

When we think too much about our writing, sometimes it can stall our progress. K. M. Weiland discusses some of the things that can hinder writers. The nice thing is, she also gives us some ideas around this.

Though with item #6 in the making writing easier list, I’m not sure focusing on what you’ve learned from book #2 is quite right. I would say acknowledge what you’ve learned (you’ve learned a lot writing that first book), but then forget it. You really don’t need to consciously think about what you’ve learned while writing book 2. And I’d say it will hinder you to think about it. Just write with no expectations. There is nothing more damning for a creative project than letting expectations take hold.

As she says in item #1 – no one has to read this.

Also, what you’ve learned will creep into your writing all on it’s own. And the more you write, the more this will happen. And if it doesn’t, then you always have draft #2, #3, #4… to figure it out.

You can do this!


Writing a second novel can often be surprisingly harder than the first one. Check out six challenges sophomore writers often face.

Source: The 6 Challenges of Writing a Second Novel – Helping Writers Become Authors

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