Best Practices for Building Followers on Goodreads

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Cynthia from Goodreads, explains the difference between “Friends” and “Followers” for authors on Goodreads, plus a few other helpful tips. The Friends/Followers thing was definitely something I didn’t know.

And if you’re an author with a book and you’re not on Goodreads, put it up on your to do list. It’s a great place for any reader and any author.

Source: Goodreads | Authors & Advertisers Blog Post: Best Practices for Building Followers on Goodreads

Holiday Gift Guide for Librarians and Book Lovers

Whether you’re shopping for your librarian friend, literary relative, or yourself, these fun book-related gifts will be memorable and show that you care.

Source: Holiday Gift Guide for Librarians and Book Lovers | American Libraries Magazine

Fifty Ways to Show Readers Some Love (Part 1)

It’s always a good idea, and fun as well, to connect with our readers. It helps build a fan base and there is nothing better than a books fan. Word of mouth is a wonderful thing.

I like doing this at book events, but those only happen a few times a year. Tracy Weber gives us some good ideas about how to connect with readers even when you’re not in front of them at a book sale or signing. There are some good ideas for your reader’s e-newsletter. I know I’m going to use some of them.

InkSpot: Fifty Ways to Show Readers Some Love (Part 1).


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