Mastering Amazon ads one tweak at a time: One author’s success story

I have to apologize right off the bat because I know I shouldn’t be saying this, but I’d be lying if I said anything else. I dislike most marketing, mostly online stuff, mostly amazon or bookbub or… ads. I much prefer marketing in person, at book events, art and craft events, farmer’s markets (if they allow it, and many do).

I work at a computer most of the day, so making myself sit at the computer and learn how to post just right ad is not something I’m willing to do. I’m one of those people who is “of a certain age” so I no longer want to force myself to try and care for something I don’t care for. Life’s too short.

Now, the caveat to this is, I have another job. Book selling is not my sole income, so I don’t HAVE to sell book. I want to, of course, but the desire to sell books and my dislike for setting up ads don’t even out. I did try amazon ads once and it was an even prospect – I sold as many books as I needed to pay for the ad. If it had been a better outcome, maybe I’d have continued trying ads. Maybe.

But if you are someone who doesn’t mind ad marketing, or you do HAVE to sell to supplement your income (or at minimal pay off the fees you incurred publishing your book(s)), then this post by Wendy Raebeck might give you some tips and tricks.

Another great recourse for this is Valerie Biel’s website. Just search for amazon or bookbub ads. Val has tips and tricks for both. (She also has book marketing services!!)


Want to sell more books? Mastering Amazon ads is the secret to success says guest blogger Wendy Raebeck, who shares how she does it.

Source Link: Mastering Amazon ads one tweak at a time: One author’s success story – Build Book Buzz


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