25 Things You Need To Know About Writing Mysteries

15887460636_31f36d6622_nI’m working on an adventure mystery book of sorts, so I have been keeping my eyes open for information about writing mysteries. I picked a couple books out of the library; one on Istanbul: “Istanbul, Memories and the City” by Orhan Pamuk, because my 12 year old protagonist – Agnes Kelly – is going to be traveling to Istanbul; two on mystery writing: “How to Write Killer Historical Mysteries” by Kathy Lynn Emerson, which I’m part way through and have learned some good tips, and “How to Write a Damn Good Mystery” by James N. Frey, which I think has been the most helpful. A fellow mystery writer and writing instructor, Christine DeSmit, recommended “The Writer’s Journey” by Christopher Vogler to me, which I had already read, but will probably skim again.

I also came across this post by Susan Spann that I thought might be helpful to you as well. She has some very good points, many similar to what I found in these two books.

25 Things You Need To Know About Writing Mysteries, By Susan Spann « terribleminds: chuck wendig.

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