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Take It Easy With the Thesaurus

thesaurusLiz Bureman on thewritepractice.com makes a few good points about using a thesaurus. You have to be thoughtful with word use, thesaurus use or not. My favorite thesaurus is “Roget’s International Thesaurus,” It is so all encompassing for word derivations, if you can’t find a word in this book you want to use, I’d just give up.

Take It Easy With the Thesaurus.

Ten words to cut from your writing – The Globe and Mail

taken from npr.org

taken from npr.org

A good reminder to pick your words carefully and thoughtfully. I would also add “that” and “had” to the list. It doesn’t mean you can’t use certain words, but know why you are using them or why your writing might be stronger and clearer if you left them out. Thanks for the reminder Shanna.

Ten words to cut from your writing – The Globe and Mail.