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How To Write Fascinating Amazon Book Listings

Karon Thackston gives some good advice about how to better describe/list your book for any site, really. I particularly like the power words. But all her examples are of non-fiction books and

non-fiction authors. I wish she had picked fiction examples. That’s a harder book to sell.

How To Write Fascinating Amazon Book Listings.

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How To Market Your Book To The Locals – Four Secrets

Kristen Eckstein wrote this post on the Future of ink website and I think she made some very good points. I’ve done some of these very things, and I’m always coming across different local and state events (not necessarily just for books) that support local artists. I find that many artist events are willing to let self-published authors participate. Why not, we’re local, we are in on every aspect of the books creation (we don’t have to be the illustrator or editor to claim these things) and I personally think writing is an art. Ask anyone who loves to read but can’t write a good grocery list!

How To Market Your Book To The Locals – Four Secrets.