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Have You Found Your Writing Voice?

Here is a little piece that you don’t hear much about in writing – your voice.

What is “your voice?” you may ask.

from foxnews

from foxnews

Well, those words are used to describe the style of your writing, the little quirks, sayings, grammar style that you have that is different (or maybe similar) to other writers.

Some “voices” are very distinctive: Ray Bradbury, Kurt Vonnegut are two authors that come to my mind.

Now, just because you use a particular voice in one story, you can’t use a different voice in a new story, but there is probably one style that you are most comfortable writing in – your style.

Check out what Joe Bunting and Ted Dekker say about finding your voice.

p.s. I small but important thing to remember – if you have a book you want someone to edit. If you have a particular thing (short sentences, capital letters where there might not normally be…), let you editor know ahead of time. It will save you the aggravation of changing back all those things they thought was  grammatically incorrect but was really just your style/voice. It will also save the editor time. A win-win!

Have You Found Your Writing Voice?.

7 Writing Lessons from Gabriel Garcia Marquez

Some ideas about writing from Joe Bunting and Gabriel Garcia Marquez.

I don’t think you have to be a journalist to write well, but I do agree with the idea of keeping it “real.” Fiction mixed with real life is always more believable. I have not read Marquez myself but I put him on my to read list. I like magic. I’ll blog a review when I get around to reading his book(s).

7 Writing Lessons from Gabriel Garcia Marquez.