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Authors: Improve Your Twitter Messaging and Control

Some helpful information about the use of twitter by authors by James Moushon on the blog hbpublications.blogspot.com.

He mentions Hootsuite. I use that and I think it is helpful. I have on my list to do to use bitly but hootsuite helps me shorten address, so it hasn’t been a priority. I also like his “add photo” and add a URL ideas. I think those are very smart strategies. I had not heard of the Amazoncart feature, which is another way to more easily link your book(s) to your readers, but he’s right – you could also just use a URL. If you are a twitter novice like me, this is all helpful information. Thanks James!

The eBook Author’s Corner: Authors: Improve Your Twitter Messaging and Control.

Writing tools you may never have heard of

writing a letterRobert Morris lists some helpful tools for writers, authors and bloggers. I have tried Evernote but haven’t found it that helpful for my uses. My daughter (who’s 18) loves it!  I use Hootsuite and think it is helpful and user friendly. The Elements of Style book Robert mentions is pretty basic. It is a fast read and gives you good information, but I think there are a lot better writing style books and websites out there. This one has just been around forever. Scrivener is a helpful tool for writers and so is Jutoh. I use Jutoh. Both are important for authors wanting to convert word text to mobi or epub formats.

Killer writing tools that will help you get the job done – BookBaby Blog.