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Here are all the New Amazon Book Review Policies

I don’t know if this post has the right information (can’t always believe everything you read šŸ˜‰ ). But if it is, it is a bit disturbing.

Source: (Michael Kozlowski of Good E Reader)Ā Here are all the New Amazon Book Review Policies

Why I have stopped reviewing books from Celebrity Authors

I wouldn’t go so far as to not review a celebrity author’s book if I take the time to read it, but I definitely go out of my way to read indie authors and review their books on multiple sites, (if I like it). If the book needs help, I contact the author and suggest such – even though that might not make me popular. If my book needed help, I’d want people to tell me. It doesn’t help anyone if I just lambaste them for poor writing or editing online. Do indie authors listen to my suggestions – I’m guessing not many, but if enough people them them their book needs help, then maybe they will listen. All indie authors benefit when our group as a whole puts better work out there. Yes, it’s competition, but it also helps our reputation as a whole, and that helps everyone!

Gisela’s Straightforward Blog: Why I have stopped reviewing books from Celebrity Authors.

How to Get a Truckload of Reviews on Amazon

Penny has some very good ideas for getting reviews for your books. I would also recommend any book you give or sell should have a colored slip of paper asking for a review. Another idea is book giveaways or discounts for people willing to give you an honest review. And don’t forget to do book reviews yourself. If you expect to get them, you need to expect to give them!

How to Get a Truckload of Reviews on Amazon.

Why Should Authors Post Reviews for Others?

books comic imageBesides the obvious reason of doing reviews if you expect other to do reviews for you, Sandy Appleyard shares some other good (marketing reasons) to post reviews online.

Click on this link and it will take you to Sandy’s post.
hanks Sandy!