2019 UW Writers’ Institute conference recap

Me on a publishing panel at the UW Madison Writer’s Institute this weekend. Also spoke on editing and heard some great speakers.
I don’t look very happy, but I was!! I was having a good time! I have to remember people take pictures – Ug!


The annual UW Writers’ Institute conference took place this past weekend.

The conference opened with moving, beautiful readings from participants of the UW Odyssey Project.

There were great keynote speakers like Jane Friedman and Jennie Nash, and one of the most talented, supportive networks of authors I’ve ever met. We learned about everything from creating a podcast to improving our websites and much, much more. This was my fourth time attending this conference and I’ve published over twenty books, but I still walk away with tons of new ideas and inspiration. Not to mention, this industry changes so quickly that it’s impossible to ever know it all.

Proud to be included in the success panel along with Kristine Hansen, Bibi Belford, Rita Schunk, Greg Renz, Heather Shumaker, Kristine Ziegler, rr campbell, and Julie Holmes. Photo by Kristin Oakley.


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