As the Author World Turns on Amazon Book Review Policies

I was surprised by the information that you don’t have to purchase the book on Amazon to get it reviewed. Probably true but I bet verified reviews (purchased books from Amazon) don’t get looked at as hard.

I also can’t imagine that I would go so far as to copy my reviews and keep track of the ones that get taken down, then contact the reviewer and ask them to protest to Amazon? REALLY?! Who has time for that? And who wants to hound a reviewer. That’s a sure fire way to not get them to leave a review again!

I’d be okay with checking a review I left for someone else – a good friend and fellow author – and contesting if they took my own review down, however. Though I’m not sure I’d take the time to go back and check on my reviews, either.

But anyway, good information on the much needed Amazon review process.


By Judith Briles Amazon: Love it … or hate it … but, you gotta deal with it.”Why are my reviews being removed?” is an ongoing question that authors ask. There isn’t a live program that I do t

Source: As the Author World Turns on Amazon Book Review Policies

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