52 Sources For Free Music

close up photo of person playing piano

Photo by Juan Pablo Arenas on Pexels.com

Have you thought of putting together a video of your book?

It’s a creative way to advertise the story you want to share. It’s something I have yet to try, but with my new book: Chakra Magic (a fun grade school book about chakras), I’m probably going to give it a try, with a bit of help from my college-age daughter, who knows a lot more about Youtube than her mother, even though she is an engineer. (Just graduated as a biomedical engineer, I’m happy to say! Now onto grad school 🙂 )  I’ll need a bit of upbeat music so this list will come in handy. I thought it might come in handy to you too – if not now, maybe in the near future?!

Paul Carr has put together a very long list of 52 places to find music for your video.

Thanks Paul!