3 Reasons Authors Need Style Sheets 

Robin Rivera on writeonsisters discusses something that many authors are not even aware of – Style Sheets. Read her post and learn about something that can save you money and your editor time. In addition, it will make sure your story turns out the way you want it.

When I create a style sheet, I use excel. I have columns that list the various things I want the proofer or editor to know (depending on why I’m creating a style sheet): character names (in order of appearance), odd spellings and location names are a few of the typical things I note. I also note the style guide I am using to answer basic questions of comma usage and how to handle titles of things (books, movies, articles…). If I plan on going against a particular style guide rule, then I’ll note that as well, to save me a lot of time back what an editor might want to naturally correct. It is easy for me to cut and paste information from anything I am editing or writing into this document. And if I’m passing an edited manuscript onto a proofer, it saves a lot of time and headache for them and the author, as well.

They take a little time, but they are well worth it!

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3 Reasons Authors Need Style Sheets » WriteOnSisters.com

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