Top Book Marketing Strategies (?)

Kathleen Page says Endorsements, Guest blogging and email marketing are the three best strategies.  I’m not sure this is a very helpful list for indie authors.

Endorsements – How easy is it to get other – well known – book endorsements? Not very. First, you have to be able to contact a well known author or publication, then you have to have them read your work, or at least part of it.  Not an easy, if impossible, task if you don’t work with a agent or publishing house that has a reputation.  I was actually able to contact a fairly famous author once because she lived by my in-laws. She gave up doing endorsements, so I was out of luck.

Guest Blogging – I have done guest blogs on quite a few sites and it might have given me a sale or two but that’s about it. I haven’t been impressed by this mode of marketing. I will continue to do them because I think they are an OK way to get your name out there, but not a great way to get sales, in my opinion.

Email marketing – I’ve read this numerous times, that this is the best way to market, but I really don’t like sending out “Buy my new Book!” email to people. I have and I will continue to do this because it might help my sales a bit, and I only do it every years or so when I come out with a new book, but I don’t like doing it because I personally don’t like getting these types of emails.  People say that newsletters are the best way to market via email which is better than just a Buy my Book email, but takes A LOT more time, time that I don’t have. With a newsletter, you have to come up with content not related to selling you stuff 97% of the time and 3% of the time you can actually tell your subscribers about what you’re selling. (the percentages are made up, by the way). This, to me, is not a good investment in my time.

Anyway, those are just my opinions. Read what Kathleen has to say and decide for yourself.

 The Savvy Book Marketer.

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    • It is time consuming but since I like to read, anyway, I don’t mind reading specifically to do a review. I might not get a book that is done well but that is a risk I’m willing to take to help out a another indie author.

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