Letters, E-Mail, Texts — What’s Next? | On Point with Tom Ashbrook

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Photo compliments of common.wikimedia.org

Letters, E-Mail, Texts — What’s Next? | On Point with Tom Ashbrook.

I recommend listening or at least reading the blurb associated with this radio program. It talks about the up and coming types of communication cementing my decision not to get into the email newsletter idea that many think is the best way to market your work.

The program tells how email is passe,  used primarily for businesses, where personal communication is done via quicker means: texting, mobile chat, snapchat…  I would agree. I hate unnecessary emails, and even  the few writer newletters I get. I scan them only, if I read at all. I know their main job is to sell me something – a service, a how to book… I prefer blogs. I know they aren’t selling – most of the time – and when bloggers do give a notice about a book sale, I don’t mind. It happens so infrequently.

Time will tell, but I’m going to find interested readers or writers via other means.