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Your Author Bio–Does it Help Sales or Stop them Dead?

If you’re like me, the first time you write your author bio, you’re in a hurry so you don’t really take the time to scrutinize it carefully. And then there is the point about making sure it’s up to date. I’ve been forced to do this on a few different occasion because of events I’ve been speaking at, where they always ask for your picture and bio.

If you haven’t looked at your book bio in a while, Anne R. Allen has some good things to think about.


No matter how great a book’s cover and blurb, one thing can stop me from buying yet another ebook for my Kindle: an author bio on the buy page that screams “amateur.” I spent some time as an editor, so when I pick up a book for relaxation, I want to […]

Source: Your Author Bio–Does it Help Sales or Stop them Dead?

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