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How to Sell Books to Libraries

Keep in mind –

This is a post from Ingram Spark and Lauren Charles. I’m not sure it gives you much insight into getting into libraries other than trying to get reviews from Library Journal, Publishers Weekly and Kirkus.

I haven’t checked these folks out lately but it used to be fairly costly to get a review from Kirkus. And Library Journal, which doesn’t charge for reviews, required you to send them a book three months before you were going to publish it. What indie author is going to wait three months to publish their book to the public to wait on the Library Journal maybe doing a review. I have not checked out Publishers Weekly review requirements, but I probably should. Kirkus and LJ rules may have also changed since indie authors are getting to be more main stream then they used to be.

Anyone out there have any updated information on getting reviews from the folks as an indie author?

How to Sell Books to Libraries – Bookarma Blog.