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Pushkin Press Is Open For Children’s Book Submissions For One Day!

Pushkin-Press-Childrens-BooksPushkin Press, a UK publisher, “was founded in 1997, and publishes novels, essays, memoirs, children’s books—everything from timeless classics to the urgent and contemporary.”

One of their “editors-at-large,” Sarah Odedina, is opening up her email for children’s books submissions for one day, Monday, January 8th.

I couldn’t find what they define as “children’s” books but last years pick was a YA novel, so she must be looking for books, including YA. And Sarah’s bio states that one of the types of books she likes to read is board books. So there you have it. Come to your own conclusions.

So pull that synopsis out, your bio, and send your first 10,000 words of your children’s book along to Odedina, like I am!

Best of luck! And let me know how you fair!

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