How To Get Your Self-Published Book Into Libraries

Here is an updated post by Joann Penn about getting your books into libraries. I understand the idea of contacting libraries via email, but I think this may only work if you have a review(s) by the mentioned sources: “these could include Kirkus, Library Journal, New York Times, Publisher’s Weekly, and School Library Journal, to name some. In my experience, it’s unlikely you’ll get much traction, if any, from Amazon, Goodreads, or similar reviews.”

This is key information.

When I published my first book (2007), not knowing any better, I emailed and sent letters to lots and lots of libraries in the Midwest. I heard mostly crickets. I didn’t have any reviews from any of those above mentioned sources. Though honestly, I’m not sure having a review from just one of those sources is  enough either.

I would suggest talking to libraries to hear how they choose their new titles.

And, of course, you can just ask you local library if they want to purchase your book. They may say yes.

And if you’re curious, for my books, I use amazon and ingramspark for print, amazon and smashwords for ebooks, and findaway voices and audible (acx – amazon) for my audio book.


Most independent authors want to support libraries by making our books available in multiple formats for library patrons to borrow, but how can you do that when they seem so hard to reach? Eric Otis Simmons shares his updated tips and resources in this article.

Source: How To Get Your Self-Published Book Into Libraries