#Audiblegate – Audible Audiobook Return Policy 

When I was working in my other job (before I started publishing), I had extra funds, so I hired a wonderful narrator (Adam Seeger) and used a local production company run by the incomparable Jake Johnson (Paradyme Productions) to create an audio book for my first book “Rosebloom.” (A few of the Links: Apple, Nook, scribd, Kobo)

That was about 10 years ago and the only option was to publish it on Audible, which I did. I didn’t choose the “exclusive” option because I don’t like anything that restricts my freedom. I sold very few audio books on audible over those 10 years, and I wonder because I didn’t choose their exclusive policy if I got less exposure (but that’s just a guess).

About six weeks ago I moved my audio book from Audible to Findaway Voices and I don’t regret it one bit. I have already sold 3 books without any advertising. And they have 45 different distributors (including Audible and some library distributors. Note: your audiobook may not be eligible for all 45). So I’m not sure why someone would not choose Findaway Voices. I’m still waiting to find a downside but haven’t seen it yet. (Anyone out there know any downside?).

Meanwhile, audible seems to have given indie authors another reason to choose someone else. Read David’s post below.

By David Kudler – Perhaps you have seen grumbling on social media and across the internet about #Audiblegate and Audible’s return policy. In case you haven’t been following the controversy, let me

Source: #Audiblegate and the Audiobook Return Fiasco – The Book Designer