My Top Ten Twitter Tips for Writers

If you are twitter but not sure what to do with it, Rebecca gives you some ideas. Thanks Rebecca!

Rev. Rebecca Writes

Hello, Friends!

As you may know, my name is Rebecca and I love to write. One of my goals in life is to eventually find a home with a traditional publishing house. I love to write and I view my writing as an important aspect of my ministry. I’ll be honest, social media doesn’t come naturally for me. When I found out that traditional publishing houses want to see writers with “significant social media reach,” I almost despaired.

For years I actively worked to keep my social media presence quiet. My mission in life for over eight years was to become an ordained minister in the United Methodist Church. I wanted to remain quiet on social media because I was terrified that I would say something, like something, or share something that someone somewhere might dislike. I was afraid of making problems for myself.

I also had my job as…

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