Send Your Work-in-Progress to Your Kindle

Yari is making a great point – looking at your manuscript (ms) in a different format and even on a different device can help you spot things you may want to change and things you have to change like errors. I like viewing my ms as a pdf on my tablet. Even going from computer screen to tablet, I notice different things. And I always recommend to my clients to print out their ms and read it that way as well (one of the last edits I do). I also read out loud. Another very helpful editing tool.
Thanks Yari!

5 thoughts on “Send Your Work-in-Progress to Your Kindle

  1. Thanks so much for sharing ✌ I hope it makes the editing process a little easier for everyone 😊

  2. PDF also lets you listen to what you’ve written. That really helps with editing. I wish I had discovered that feature years ago. Sometimes you need to hear someone else saying it.

  3. Once your writing is on PDF, go to the ellipsis menu and click on Read Aloud. It’s not the most perfect reading but it helps you hear your writing.

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