Beta readers

Kevin has some good thoughts on beta – readers.
My thought is – and I’ve said this before – always thank your beta readers in some tangible way, whether you thought they gave you good advice or not. They are giving you their time, the that is a most precious commodity 🙂


Welcome readers of Kev’s blog to my monthly editor’s guest post where I’ll be discussing beta readers today.

Every author’s dream? Or nightmare?

Come to that, every editor’s dream or nightmare too.

But, firstly, what is beta reading? And alpha reading?

An alpha read is looking at an early draft copy that is pretty raw.

A beta copy should polished and virtually finished. It should be well self-edited so that it is clean for the beta readers.

Beta reading is basically reading through a draft MS and giving a reader’s opinion of the story.

‘Meh, I didn’t like it’ isn’t really good enough.

It needs to be ‘Meh, I didn’t like it because …’ of plot, characters, pacing, tension, or even overall style of writing.

Also, ‘Meh, I didn’t like it because I don’t like vampires’ doesn’t cut it either. If you don’t like vampires, don’t offer to beta read…

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